Diversify With Insurance to Bolster Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business Income

July 11, 2022

There’s an old saying — “may you live in interesting times.” Well, it’s certainly an interesting time to be in the real estate or mortgage business. Housing prices are up, and there’s potential for profit in every transaction — but concerns about a softening in the market are growing. Fortune reports that elevated housing prices are keeping some homebuyers on the sidelines, and rapidly rising mortgage rates are pushing affordability further out of range for many consumers.


While the coming year may continue to be a boom, how do you protect your mortgage business from a declining market, or even a bust? One way is to help stabilize and strengthen your income stream with a more diverse portfolio of services that includes an insurance offering.


No Matter the Market, All Homeowners Need Insurance

Providing ballast for your business means selling products that everyone needs regardless of inflation, recession or other market fluctuations. Plus, homeowners insurance is typically required by lenders. Adding an insurance component to your real estate or mortgage business means you can turn a single-purchase client into a lifetime customer and create an additional, recurring revenue stream. A We Insure franchise is designed specifically for business owners like you.


You Don’t Need Any Insurance Experience to Get Started

Even if your only insurance experience until now has been with your own homeowners and auto insurance policies, you can be in the insurance business in no time. We Insure’s franchise program empowers real estate and mortgage pros to easily expand their operations. Our franchise support is virtually unmatched in the industry. That’s why we keep winning top franchise awards year after year, including recognition this year from Franchise Business Review as one of only 50 franchises to be named a Top Low-Cost Franchise, as well as a Top 100 Recession-Proof Franchise. We Insure helps you set everything up, and we offer attractive financing options that can help make your  entrance into the insurance industry smooth and affordable.


Licensed to sell on day one. We Insure will connect you with a vetted, licensed and experienced “Agent in Charge” to handle the day-to-day operations of your agency. We’ll help you hire and train them, saving you valuable time and effort.


Professional marketing services. We Insure will create your business website and social media profiles and provide you with fresh content to promote your lines. We’ll also set up an online review system and handle reputation management to encourage positive customer feedback.


Dedicated customer support team. Your phone lines and email inboxes won’t explode with customer service and policy questions, because we handle the back-end customer service support for you. From claims management to policy changes, your clients deal directly with our service team, freeing you up to grow your business.


Client retention. We’ll work with you to help create customers for life. We Insure stays in touch with your customers ahead of policy renewals and handles payments and processing when they’re ready to re-up.


Cross-selling. Our support teams are specially trained in cross-selling so you’ll never miss out on those opportunities. We’ll work behind the scenes to convert your single-policy customers to valuable multi-line clients.


Another Pillar for Your Business

The housing market may bubble or bust, but your insurance business can grow all the while, providing a steady stream of income for you and added value and service to clients who have already placed their trust in you. Contact We Insure to learn how our franchise turnkey opportunity can help you grow your book of business.




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