3 Tips for Starting Your Own Insurance Agency

August 31, 2020


We Insure’s business model offers the insurance consumer exceptional value on an essential financial service. But all agencies are not created equal. Our innovative franchise program can dramatically increase your chance for success. 

Starting a new business isn’t easy, and it can be difficult for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. Eliminating potential roadblocks is as important a strategy as developing a marketing plan. Here are three tips to help you select the right franchise partner to help cover your weak spots and set you up for success out of the gate.

Tip 1: Seek out strong insurance carrier support.

Getting insurance carrier appointments and products to sell is tough as an independent agent. If the carrier is open to new appointments in your area, you’ll need to meet a set of minimum requirements before going through an appointment process that starts with an application and background checks. Carriers look for historically strong business partners that can deliver a good, consistent stream of quality business for them.

Having a few insurers is not enough anymore. The ebbs and flows of market forces have created changes in insurance markets. Having a wide array of choices in providers will help ensure you have adequate coverage in your area and can provide competitive policy and pricing options for your customers.

Because working relationships with carriers can be complex, insurance carriers prefer to do business with companies that have employees designated as relationship managers that maintain strict training and operational standards, which can disadvantage independent, mom-and-pop agencies. But there’s another model that checks all the boxes — the We Insure franchise model. 

Tip 2: Ensure your systems and processes are streamlined.

Building systems and processes can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Operational procedures for business functions such as human resources, administration, accounting and bookkeeping need to be detailed and comprehensive. Partners for technology systems, including phone, internet and customer relationship management, must be carefully selected and receive thorough vetting with all systems working seamlessly before writing your first policy. 

Doing this on your own can take months. And the time you take tweaking these functions or bringing on a new vendor mid-stream can keep you from ensuring the lifeblood of your business is flowing. Even in a small business, the technology that’s critical to keeping the doors open can fail, so having the support of the franchise operator shifts the concern about these integral functions to the home base.

Tip 3: Don’t underestimate the need for training and education.

As a business owner, it can be lonely at the top. You provide support and guidance to your team and make the tough decisions, but who’s there for you when you need a sounding board? We Insure franchise support stands behind franchise operators with an entire corporate team and a results-driven business model, including extensive ongoing training and education. Whether you’re joining us from another agency, your own company or an adjacent industry like real estate, you’ll appreciate the business consultation and mentorship during start-up training and beyond. 

Agency development is a major component of your success. New team members will get the same level of support that your launch team receives. And our training turns out well-prepared professionals in half the time it generally takes to bring insurance professionals up to speed on carrier plans and proprietary technology.

We Insure offers a turnkey approach with premier-level access to carriers plus advanced operational and marketing support. We Insure takes the best that captive and independent insurance models offer to create an innovative approach to the insurance business.

Franchise partners receive access to top carriers and top-tier commission structures on day one. Our agency owners can focus their time on growing their business while We Insure Corporate provides all of the back-end support, call center, technologies and tools for success. We Insure offers home, auto, business and other policies through more than 100 top-rated carriers. And we have franchise opportunities available across the United States. Visit www.weinsuregroup.com for more information.