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Join a team where your investment is our number one priority.

We make it easy! Our carrier relationships, combined with full back-end support, allow our agents to focus one hundred percent of their time on revenue-generating activities. Imagine shifting your focus towards giving your customers the power of choice and dedicating your time to quoting and binding — that’s it!

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NEW Introducing by We

By We is our Managing General Agency, a team of specialized producers with access to a unique portfolio of insurance products, markets and rating technology that help agents easily sell hard-to-place risks and other important ancillary policies. In short, it closes insurance coverage gaps so agency owners say, "yes," to more business — meaning stronger relationships and greater share of wallet. The by We team offers expanded access to:

E&S: Excess and surplus Commercial Lines
E&S: Excess and surplus Personal Lines
Coming Soon: Exclusive Products

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Multiple options on where to place insurance gives clients' better policies and more savings.
Well-known partners

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  • Why options are good
    • Freedom to choose which options work best for your clients
    • Retain more clients when carriers increase rates or change policy terms/coverages
    • Drive more contingency bonuses with carriers who fit your clients' needs most
    • Advocate for your clients’ needs, not just one carrier's needs

Back-end support

Don’t waste time on non-revenue-generating activities. Service standards, up to your standards. (Maybe even above.)

  • Policy Servicing
    • Friendly Call Center that handles policy changes, renewals or mortgage inquiries for you
    • Retention program
    • Partner who can help with hard-to-place insurance policies
    • Special concierge team
  • Accounting & Reconciliation
    • Monthly commission statements
    • Your “book” is digitized on a dashboard
  • Carrier Administrative Support
    • Dedicated team securing new product access based on your agency’s needs.
    • Options for more competitive premiums for your clients.

Proven business model

We provide agent-friendly marketing and operational processes that drive sales.

  • Cutting-Edge Tech
    • Equipped with a fully staffed IT department
    • Innovative phone and customer management system
    • Private cloud hosting in a secure data center
    • Proprietary quote engine to write smarter, faster, more profitable policies
    • Digital + personal onboarding so you get to writing business quicker
    • Internal portal for streamlined carrier information — know what they want you to know to write better business
    • Technology built from “the agents up,” not the other way around
  • Marketing Support
    • Cross-sell campaigns for more policies out of your existing clients
    • Search Engine Optimization so you’re found fast by those searching for local insurance help
    • Partnership with Zogo app for lead generation and rewarding content for agent owner clients
    • Branding and lead generation for awareness, differentiation and local demand
  • Low Operating Costs
    • High commission splits, affordable franchise and licensing options
    • A Business Development Manager — a sherpa for business growth
Two working professionals at a desk going over charts laid out on a table.

About PEAK6 InsurTech

Our parent company. PEAK6 InsurTech was conceived with the vision to better align insurance technology with writing profitable insurance business. Too obvious? Unfortunately, not. Tech for tech-sake is too often developed with limited utility and sadly at the expense of the local insurance agency. Not PEAK6 InsurTech. Instead, we flipped that notion on its head; building technology that will be used by smart insurance people (like local agents) to save time, headaches and generate more profit. This vision aligns with PEAK6. Our parent company’s – parent company, PEAK6 is an all-star in the fintech space. It basically reinvented options-trading. It simply looks at industries and pushes them to leverage tech to make things the “the way they ought to be.” So, know you have support inside and outside the insurance industry.

We are rooted in insurance

Andrew McGuire - Co-CEO of PEAK6 InsurTech

Andrew McGuire LinkedIn icon

Andrew McGuire is CEO of PEAK6 InsurTech, which is committed to delivering better value to customers through the development of cutting-edge technological advancements, seamless service, and mutually beneficial agency and carrier partnerships.

Instant digital rewards with Zogo

We Insure sponsors this wonderful app. It gamifies financial literacy to bring more fun to sometimes confusing industries. Agent owners get leads from the app, and their clients get rewarded with gift cards for learning through the app.

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