About our
Source & Solve
Support Team

Our Source & Solve support team is a proactive group dedicated to providing as much immediate assistance as possible to help alleviate stressors in times of crisis. These events can be natural catastrophes like a hurricane, earthquake or wildfire, or market-driven, like a dramatic reduction in where our clients can place their insurance within a specific state.

We deploy this team to the Source of the issue, so they can help everyone find Solutions. We care a great deal about our agency owners, our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve, and we find ways to help.

Recent Deployment

During 2022’s Hurricane Ian, our corporate leaders and Source & Solve team deployed to Florida within one day after the worst of the storm had stuck. We were the only insurance franchise company in the Florida CAT villages, where we supported customers and agencies alike. We also provided pre-storm and post-storm advice, resources, emergency supplies and damage assistance to targeted Florida and South Carolina customers, agencies, employees and community members via online, email, text and in person.

We Are Here for You

When tragedy strikes, We rise. Our Source & Solve team, and everyone at We Insure, stands ready to assist our agents, customers, employees and the communities we serve during times of crisis.

We Insure Source and Solve team distributing donations to the community.

Donations and Pledges
Have Supported Those In Need

When disaster strikes, the community comes together. The Source & Solve team used contributions to provide mitigation services, repair services for impacted homes and other key community needs that include the items listed below.

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries and household amenities
  • Temporary housing
  • Permanent housing
  • Construction services
  • Restoration services
  • Transportation expenses
  • Risk mitigation services including but not limited to tarps, plywood, rope, temporary roofing, etc.

Need help? Feeling Stuck?
Reach out to us!

If you have questions about your policy, making policy changes or payment options, please reach out to your We Insure agent for assistance. In the event you are unable to reach your agent because of a weather event they may also be experiencing, please reach out to our We Insure corporate customer service team at (877) 677-4063. If you don’t have a We Insure agent, you can find one using the link below.

We Insure agents examine damage after the hurricane.

Filing a claim

We Insure agents help you purchase the right insurance policy to meet your needs. Your insurance policy is with a specific insurance carrier. You can report a claim or get an update on an existing claim by calling your insurance carriers' claims number. If there is an existing weather event and you find it difficult to reach them, know that they are working hard to get to each caller as quickly as possible. You can find insurance carrier claims numbers using the link below.

We Insure Source and Solve team members with residents affected by hurricane.

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