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Babrak Ahmadi
Mr. Jeff Bornhoffer is amazing! he helped us so much, he is a great and helpful man Thank you Jeff !
Hal Poole
Told Jeff what I needed and he had several options for me to choose from it's great to have options
Joyce Harrod
Excellent customer service and very fast response!
Billie Wooten
We couldn't be happier with the service we have received from Jeff Bornhoffer for our home.
Regg Wakefield
Great service
Joseph Dilks
Jeff has always provided excellent service. He made the process of obtaining insurance for my new home as well as provided flood insurance for my new property very easy.
Kristal Knight
Jeff is always on it. Calling me before I get to him!
I have been dealing with Jeff for a very long time now and couldn’t be more happy with his assistance. He’s always Johnny on the spot and gets the job done. One of my favorite things about Jeff, he’s always looking out to save me money - you can’t beat that.
Ronald Jarvis
Worked hard quick turnaround and found us great rates for our home and auto.
Jerry Swords
Jeff was able to help us (finally) find the proper coverage for our historic home. He also found a new auto policy for us with better coverage at a great rate. Thank you, Jeff!
Gary Fletcher
Jeff is very helpful. I appreciate his effort and expertise.
Dean Moore
Great Service!
Mary Smith
Jeff was awesome!
Don Mccoin
Friendly, honest and Professional! Thanks Jeff
Randall Holmes
I really feel my agent Jeff took his time and got us the best rate offers possible. He was also very responsive and help with anything I needed help with. Jeff also went out of his way to communicate to a third part I was doing businesses with on my behalf. Great start to a business relationship!!
Sandra Oakes
Justine Kirkwood
Very professional . Polite and knowledgeable.
Shelley Hough
Jeff is always responsive to any inquiries in an extremely timely manner. He always finds a reasonable and great policy to meet our needs. He’s the best!
I’m not impressed with “We-Insure” but I am very impressed with Jeff Bornhoffer. He went the extra and worked with me through my medical problem to get the job done.
Phillip Reddy
Extremely helpful and professional, I would recommend this insurance agency to anyone.
Brett Carson
Accurate, on time. All good.
Edgardo Sanchez
Good experience with Jeff, helped us with our new homeowners insurance. Thank you Jeff
Stephanie Goodrich
My interaction with Jeff was wonderful. He was able to secure a new policy for me even though I came to him with little time to spare. Thank you Jeff!
Bruce Bierer
jeff was very helpful. showed me many options for coverage and walked me through the whole process. very satisfied and i highly recomend
Matthew Sturm
Jeff is no joke, The man delivers. He is always on the hunt for cheaper rates and always is Johnny on the spot speedy quick with email. Been working with Jeff for many years now, wouldn’t have it any other way.
Peggy McCoin
Jeff is the best. Great service and coverage! Thanks Jeff
Ben Witmeier
Prompt response and follow up. Greatly appreciate looking into the available options.
Patricia Hoyt
Jeff is knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to find me the best deals. I appreciate it!
Kristal Knight
We Insure is an awesome Agency. Jeff Bornhoffer goes above and beyond with whatever I need. Thanks a bunch.
Keith Sheets
The absolute best in the business...jeff was able to find me a liability policy that works for me and it was so cheap my only response was how do i sign up!
Lot of savings better coverage Thanks jeff
Hal Poole
Tell Jeff what I needed and he found me many options to choose from it was great having options
Jeff is amazing. I got his phone number from a friend few years ago and he's been my go to insurance agent since then. He always finds the best price, great at communicating and you just feel like he has your back.
Konrad Kowski
It was quicker then most quotes over the phone and I got insured as soon as I called back ..great job ..thank you
Danny Velez
Very professional, and works fast. Respects your time all the way.
Lory Bowerman
Very responsive and very helpful!
Cheri Pamer
Switched auto insurance a few months ago. Jeff was recommended to me by my brother. I saved hundreds of dollars and was very pleased with Jeff's professionalism and putting together my auto policy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for auto insurance at a great savings.
Mauricio Torres
Jeff always great!!
Denise Stoddard
Helped me out with getting my insurance rolling thank you.
Ayda Alamir
They’re so helpful and quick
Stephen Erickson
Jeff is great!
Kristen Shaughnessy
Jeff was punctual and knowledgeable.
Vivian Calhoun
You made a difficult time much easier thank you
Gregory Tryggestad
Very direct, quick and polite.
Paul Edenfield
Jeff always goes out of his way to make sure I get the best value. Thanks for the attention you give to my business.
Jerry Swords
Jeff was able to help us (finally) find the proper coverage for our historic home. He also found a new auto policy for us with better coverage at a great rate. Thank you, Jeff!
Jb Pressley
Jeff is true professional and shows support and concern for his clients. And an excellent communicator.
Janice Peder
I'm pleased with your company and would tell others about your company
Terrance Taylor
Jeff Bornhoffer is very outstanding. Jeff wrote my first commercial policy during the year of the policy I’ve had a few hurdles that made me somewhat lose hope but somehow Jeff was there he never gave up on me even continue to get me a policy when I told him I didn’t think I stood a chance......Jeff’s is the Best!!!!!!
Ryan Fowler
Quick and easy. Got me the lowest rate available. Highly recommend.
Barry Townsend
Willie Conn
Professional, courteous and honest. Kept in touch consistently.
Michael Murdock
Jeff was transparent and timely in getting my policy handled and written. He found out my current underwriter had increased their premium almost 200%, and found a better policy that I could afford.
Cheri Pamer
Jeff phoned me to advise he had sent me an email requiring my immediate attention concerning home owner insurance. We discussed the details and afterwords he emailed me documents to sign online. Very good experience and it was a relief knowing I was covered for another year and no worries.