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The 12 Gifts of We Insure


The holiday season is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and look ahead to the promises of the coming year. As a We Insure franchisee, your team will work each day to make families’ lives better and more secure by providing them with the insurance protection they need at a price they can afford. But We Insure can also help you achieve your own personal and professional goals. In the spirit of the holidays, here are 12 gifts a We Insure franchise offers. 


1. Being Your Own Boss

Make your own decisions about your business strategy, schedule and team. Owning a We Insure franchise means never having to ask, “Can I take the day off?” again. You call the shots and reap the benefits of the energy and expertise you put into your business. 


2. Unlimited Earning Potential

When you run your own show, your upside is limited only by your determination, effort and skills. Set high, but reachable, goals for your team and watch the magic happen.


3. Business Built on Relationships

It really is about who you know, and every time your phone rings or email dings, it’s an opportunity to build your network and book of business. 


4. Chance to Create Your Own Niche

You know your market, and you’re best positioned to see where the open opportunities are in your service area. Be a specialist or a generalist — the choice is yours.


5. Recession-resistant Income

Insurance is something that most homeowners and drivers must have. Health, life and other lines are also in constant demand despite the ups and downs of the economy. 


6. Proven Business Model

With more than 185 franchises in operation, We Insure’s model is road tested, and the company continues to expand rapidly across the U.S. 


7. Partner With 100+ Top-rated Carriers

An agent’s offering is only as good as the carriers they represent. We Insure partners with more than 100 top-rated carriers, so you can offer the best in choice and value to your customers. 


8. Turnkey Opportunity

You don’t need prior insurance experience with We Insure — just the drive to succeed. Everything you need — including established relationships with national insurance carriers, marketing support, world-class training, mentoring, IT support and more  is at your fingertips. 


9. Top-tier Commissions on Day One

We Insure’s partnerships with leading insurers pays off for franchisees from the beginning with top-tier commissions to boost your bottom line. 


10. World-class Training & Education

High achievers know one thing for certain — they’re sure they don’t know it all. In addition to our very experienced executive and franchisee success team, We Insure has a network of insurance professionals ready to share their experiences about what works. 


11. Expert Marketing Support

You’ll have your hands full creating new relationships and servicing your clients. That’s why We Insure handles the rest: your business website, social media profiles and content, business directory listings, press releases and more. 


12. Brand Strength

Name recognition is critical, especially to franchise businesses. We Insure is well known within the industry and across the country. You partner with a trusted brand when you join forces with We Insure.


These are just a few of the joys that a We Insure franchise can bring. We look forward to helping you pursue and live your dream — and we’re ready to help you take the next step in an exciting journey. Contact us today for more information about franchise opportunities in your area.


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