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Talking Tech: Tailoring Coverage in the Digital Age


As insurance consumers navigate an era of rapid digitalization, their homes and vehicles are becoming more than static structures and mere transportation. They’re evolving into tech-enhanced, interconnected environments. And to better accommodate this new reality, the role of the agent needs to expand with it. No longer just advisors on coverage and cost, it’s imperative to keep abreast of cutting-edge technology — for both the personal safety benefits and potential savings they can offer policyholders.


Years ago, a well-equipped home might have boasted a top-of-the-line wired security system, while cutting-edge cars featured electronic stability control and tire-pressure monitoring systems. Today, homes integrate wireless smart systems that provide robust connectivity to inform and protect occupants, and vehicles use a host of high-tech safety features to help anticipate and avoid accidents. However, not all policyholders are aware of the safety-enhancing technology available to them — or how it can save them money.


Agents are in a prime position to provide personalized guidance, helping their customers understand how advancements in technology can affect their insurance cost and coverage. By assessing the tech customers use in their homes and vehicles, agents can better deliver customized advice that truly reflects the client’s lifestyle and risk profile.


Techniques for More Effective Tech Discussions With Clients

For auto policies, some information you can get straight from a VIN; other times you have to dig a little deeper. Here are some strategies for uncovering less obvious tech enhancements — both at home and on the road — to help you create a more complete and accurate picture of your client’s tech landscape and provide a higher level of service.


·         Customer Lifestyle Inquiry. Engage in conversation about daily routines and hobbies, which can provide insights into potential tech usage.

·         Tech Timeline Follow-up. Ask when major systems or appliances were purchased to identify if they’re the latest models with smart capabilities.

·         Direct Questions About Specific Tech. Develop a checklist to inquire about smart devices such as thermostats or security cameras.

·         Tech-savvy Discount Prompts. Inform your clients about discounts for certain tech enhancements to encourage them to disclose any relevant systems they may have.

·         Collaborative Inventory. Maintain a record of customer tech that can be updated periodically to ensure the continuous accuracy of their profile.

·         Technology Adoption Surveys. Send out surveys asking customers about their use of technology in homes and vehicles to better gauge their usage and foster greater awareness of home security and other innovations that could help keep them safe.

·         Smart Tech Webinars. Host webinars or online meetings focusing on the benefits and implications of integrating technology into their properties and how it might affect their insurance.


Forging Stronger Customer Relationships With Tailored Tech Discussions

Educating clients on the intersection of technology and safety is paramount in today’s insurance market. By sending out newsletters, videos, or blogs about the latest home and vehicle tech and its insurance implications, you invite dialogue on items that could impact their policies. It’s not just about relaying information — it’s about staying informed as an agent and demonstrating a commitment to customer well-being through enhanced tech awareness.


We Insure agents can use annual policy reviews as an opportunity for tech touch-points. Crafting a tech-responsive coverage follow-up plan ensures that as your clients’ tech usage evolves, so does their protection. It’s the synergy of safety, savings, and satisfaction that solidifies not just coverage, but trust and loyalty in the digital age.

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