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New Year, New Career … With We Insure


A new year brings the hope of new beginnings. Make 2023 the year you resolve to finally become your own boss. As a We Insure agency owner, you’ll be part of one of the most successful insurance franchise organizations in the U.S. — one that’s disrupting the industry with an innovative business model focused on value, customer experience and exceptional agent support.


Our franchise partners enjoy financial independence, the freedom to chart their own course and greater work-life balance. You’ll have the best of both worlds with our full back-end support — and the independence to direct and grow your business the way you choose.


Enjoy a head start to profitability. Becoming a franchise operator can be less risky than starting a business from scratch. And We Insure offers many advantages to its agency owners. You’ll benefit from our proven business model with a track record of success and rapid expansion across the U.S. You’ll also save time and money by entering the market with a head start in technology, operations and administration.


Smash through roadblocks. We Insure obliterates many common roadblocks entrepreneurs face. Our turnkey solution provides expert recruiting assistance, marketing and licensure support. Our expert back-end and customer service teams are staffed with more than 100 licensed professionals to keep your agency running efficiently by handling customer questions and policy changes. With our team behind you, you don’t need any insurance experience to be a successful We Insure agency owner.


Did we mention retention? We help your policyholders deal with unanticipated rate hikes by notifying them in advance if a renewal rate exceeds a 14% increase. We direct them to connect with you for more information and to help them shop for a lower premium with one of our many other carriers. And if they don’t renew, we’ll reach out again to offer additional assistance. Our retention team has achieved a 10% bump in renewal rates since 2019. When you partner with We Insure, you won’t have to worry about constantly refilling a leaky customer bucket.


Feel the love. Insurance consumers love working with We Insure. We offer exceptional choice and value with multiple carrier options across a wide array of product lines forged through partnerships with many of today’s leading names in the insurance industry. And our agency owners appreciate the low barriers to entry and convenient financing options. We’ve been repeatedly ranked as a top low-cost franchise by Franchise Business Review and as a “Top 200” best franchise to buy. And when you open a new agency with us, you’ll enjoy top-tier commissions starting on day one.


Where everybody knows your name. Right out of the gate, you’ll benefit from the strong brand equity we’ve built with roughly 300 agencies across 36 states. With cutting-edge tech and tools for marketing backed by PEAK6/InsurTech, and a helpful network of fellow agency owners and mentoring opportunities, you can focus more time and energy on revenue-generating activities. The We Insure service team takes care of policy renewals, carrier relationship management, compliance and accounting tasks so you have time to focus on building relationships with customers and prospective customers.


Start 2023 With the Partnership of We Insure

Make 2023 the year you gain the freedom you want — with the support you need to succeed. We Insure stacks the deck in your favor as an entrepreneur. Learn more and reach out to us to understand just how easy it is to get started.

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