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Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Your Agency


More than half of respondents surveyed in 2020 by the U.S. Postal Service reported that they tried a new product or business in a 6-month period after receiving a piece of direct mail.


More. Than. Half.


That’s huge. And your agency can leverage the power of direct mail to generate leads and cross sell existing customers into new lines. Direct mail is personal, targetable, customizable and offers an attractive ROI. And it can be part of a highly effective omnichannel program when smartly integrated with your digital marketing efforts. While emails go unopened and cold calls are blocked, mailers stand out — and can sit on kitchen counters for days creating a lasting impression. Here are tips to get the most out of your next campaign.


Find the Right Format for Your Focus

With direct mail, you can keep messaging short and sweet with a postcard or make a big, bold statement with something as impressive as a magazine. There are oversized cards, brochures, booklets, letters, flyers and everything else in between. But bigger isn’t always better depending on your message and goals — experiment with what resonates best for your particular audience. For example, personalized letters may be more effective with established customers while a free quote postcard or well-designed informational booklet might be a better choice for top-of-funnel, informational or brand awareness campaigns.


Target Delivery — and Design

You can target homeowners insurance campaigns to people who’ve recently bought a new house in specific zip codes or local neighborhoods — and even to homes that sold within a certain price range. Or target an auto insurance offer to those who’ve recently purchased a new or used vehicle. Or nearby businesses for commercial liability coverage. Or waterfront homes for a boat or second home policy. There are almost endless possibilities. To boost brand awareness, consider running a saturation campaign. And don’t forget to tailor the design of your mailer to your target demographic with appropriate imagery and messaging — or even something as simple as making the font size a little larger for a mailer soliciting boomers.


Where There’s a Bill There’s a Way

Consider adding a direct mail component in the envelopes of clients still receiving paper bills or statements. According to research by the USPS, this approach is shown to be most effective with the boomer generation vs. Gen Xers or millennials. Integrating billing or other transactional mail with marketing efforts can be both efficient and effective. Consider this time-tested strategy to cross sell or encourage policy bundling.


Automate, Integrate and Track

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing (along with consistency and persistence). Automating direct mail campaigns can increase conversions by sending the right message at the right time. A bundling offer may be triggered by a new single-policy purchase. Or send an informational booklet to someone who requested and received a quote but never purchased a policy. Direct mail can be integrated with email, PPC, social media or other channels as part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Monitor your mailer response rates using a QR code that drives recipients to a dedicated landing page providing additional information or a quote request form. And use trackable phone numbers for prospects who prefer to operate outside of digital lanes. But no matter your approach, don’t forget to always split test messaging to see what yields the best results.


Why Wait?

Today’s direct mail is sophisticated, automated, targeted and fully integrated into omnichannel strategies. In an industry where trust is paramount, mailers allow you to customize your message and literally reach prospects and customers where they live. You don’t need to interrupt their scrolling, spam their inboxes or wait for them to perform a Google search in order for it to work. And research has demonstrated that physical, tangible advertisements can leave a more lasting impression than digital equivalents, for recipients of every age — so start making memories in the mind of your next insurance customer with direct mail.





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