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Prospecting for Event Insurance Clients — Because if It Can Happen to Elton …

May 2, 2023

From the point of view of a concert promoter, there isn’t an event much bigger than the final tour of rock icon Elton John. A successful tour takes a fleet of up to 22 trailers filled with state-of-the-art staging, audio, lighting and video equ...
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7 Insurance Terms Your Customers Don’t Know

November 11, 2022

When you spend all day thinking about insurance, it can be easy to forget that the language you use every day may not be familiar to those outside of the insurance business – including your customers. But when we fail to define key insura...
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5 Ways to Convince Homeowners to Shop Around for Insurance

November 4, 2022

When it comes to homeowners insurance, it’s easy for homeowners to shop once and renew every year without considering other options. But in the right circumstances, shopping around for insurance more frequently can deliver better coverage or c...
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