Understanding the difference between renters insurance and what your landlord's insurance covers is fundamental to being fully protected. Most landlords’ insurance only covers the building’s structure, including the roof, ceiling and walls if damaged by a storm, frozen burst pipes or vandalism. Everything else, including your possessions, is covered by renters’ policies.

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Renters insurance covers many of the things your landlord doesn’t

Renters insurance covers your belongings against being stolen or damaged. It protects your furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances and virtually everything in the home that belongs to you. Renters insurance also covers injuries that happen at your home and legal fees if someone sues you. If damage means you need to stay at a hotel, renters insurance covers that too.

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Let us do your renters insurance shopping for you. We have access to different carriers who all rate your insurance differently. When you get to choose which insurance fits, you get a better policy and more savings.

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