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Wired for Savings: Smart Home Security Tech


In the world of home security, technology has been a game-changer, providing an extra layer of protection while also serving as a potential pathway to savings. Recent advancements in home security technology are not only fortifying homes against intruders, but also helping prevent accidents and mitigate damage that can lead to costly insurance claims. Some insurers recognize these benefits and are rewarding homeowners who incorporate hi-tech safety features in their home.


Smart Surveillance

Home security has evolved far beyond traditional keypad alarm systems of yesterday. Advanced alarms and cameras are the modern sentinels at the gate, offering round-the-clock surveillance and instant alerts to homeowners’ smartphones. Today’s systems are increasingly intelligent, capable of distinguishing between everyday occurrences and potential security breaches. Wireless window sensors notify homeowners of unauthorized openings or breakage. And video doorbells, now commonplace, allow visual verification of visitors, while deterring porch pirates. The integration of automated security systems into our homes also provides a seamless defense mechanism against unwanted intrusions, reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism. It can also earn homeowners a valuable discount on insurance premiums.


Modern Moisture Monitors

Water damage is one of the most common and expensive insurance claims made by homeowners. But the introduction of smart water leak detectors has revolutionized the way homes are safeguarded against such incidents. According to research by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Moen, homes equipped with this technology saw a 96% decrease in paid water damage claims. These savvy sensors can detect the slightest amount of moisture and alert homeowners immediately, allowing for quick action to avert major damage. The implications for home insurance are significant; insurers often provide discounts for homes equipped with such preventative technologies, acknowledging the reduced risk of costly water-related claims.


Perimeter Patrol

Home security extends well beyond the confines of interior walls. Outdoor high-tech features are becoming increasingly crucial in creating a more secure perimeter around your house. Smart garage door openers, for instance, serve as a vigilant watchguard, instantly alerting homeowners if the garage door — a common point of entry for intruders — remains ajar. Meanwhile, cutting-edge fencing systems offer robust security around the property line, integrating surveillance capabilities that detect and notify homeowners of any breach. Equipped with motion sensors and connected to a home automation hub, exterior smart lighting systems can illuminate pathways and deter trespassers when irregular activity is detected.


Flame Fighting Tech

Fire safety is another domain where technology is making rapid strides. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors offer more than just an alarm; they provide early warnings and can be interconnected to prompt a quicker response from emergency services. Wi-Fi-connected smoke detectors send alerts to smartphones — even when homeowners are away. By potentially decreasing the extent of damage and the subsequent insurance claims, these smart detectors can influence insurance policies, leading to lower premiums for homeowners.


Enhanced Entry Systems

Smart locks and advanced entry systems have come a long way, offering convenience without compromising security. With features like remote access, temporary access codes, and automatic locking mechanisms, smart locks make unauthorized entry exceedingly challenging. A single automated home lockdown command can secure all entry points in a house. This creates another layer of protection that insurance providers may consider favorably when determining rates.


Safer Homes, Smart Savings

Tech advancements are reshaping the relationship between home security and homeowners’ insurance, offering a win-win situation where homes are safer and premiums are more affordable. We Insure can advise you about how home security technology can help you score discounts with insurers in your area. Contact your local We Insure agent for a fast and free quote today.




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