What the Heck Is Inland Marine Insurance?

February 3, 2022


Inland marine insurance is a type of small business coverage designed to protect business property while it’s transported over land. Read on to learn the details of what it can cover and whether you should consider an inland marine policy for your business.

Inland Marine Insurance: Protection for Property Transported Over Land

A brief history lesson: although inland marine insurance isn’t meant to cover goods transported over water, the name has its roots in “ocean marine insurance.” In the insurance industry’s early days, maritime transport was still the fastest – and riskiest – way to move goods. But the invention of trains and automobiles created attractive new ground shipping capabilities, which came with their own risks. Thus the inland marine insurance product was born.

An inland marine policy typically covers property that’s…

Take, for instance, a company using trucks to ship wind turbines to a new wind farm. If a turbine falls off on the highway and gets damaged, the damage could likely be covered by an inland marine insurance policy.

What other kinds of property might be covered? For your business, covered materials and products might include…

Depending on your business activities, you may also want to look at specialty inland marine coverage. Many inland marine insurance policies have add-ons like…

What Inland Marine Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Inland marine coverage can mitigate risk for many types of transported property, but there are some standard exclusions. A few to keep in mind:

Besides the types of property inland marine insurance doesn’t cover, it’s important to know that  there are also certain perils that this policy excludes. Many include “act of God”-type events and other dangers that aren’t typical of the ground transport process. Typically, inland marine policies exclude the following:

If you’re a business owner moving inventory through disaster-prone regions, you should consult your insurance agent to find the best available protection.

How Do I Know If I Need Inland Marine Coverage?

Inland marine insurance could be right for your business, but what’s the best way to find out?

Start by talking with an agent who understands inland marine insurance. They’ll be able to assess your business’s situation to help you determine whether inland marine insurance adequately mitigates your risks.

To provide the best guidance, your agent will likely ask a number of questions about your business activities and associated risks. Ahead of your consultation, ask yourself:

Your answers to these questions can help you and your agent paint a better picture of the risks and needs associated with your property transport.

Talk to an Agent to Determine whether You Need Inland Marine Insurance

Researching inland marine insurance on your own is a good starting place, but it’s not enough. With professional guidance, you can gauge your coverage needs and determine whether inland marine insurance is necessary to help you mitigate the risks you face.

That’s where WE can help. Our agents offer you the insights you need to make the best decision for your business. And with over 100 carrier partners, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

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