What is a We Insure Franchise

September 5, 2018

Often, when we think about Insurance, we think about the big names we see on our T.V.’s: State Farm, Allstate, GEICO. But what many people may not realize is there is a whole other world of insurance out there and it lies within the franchise business.

At We Insure, we offer agency franchises to experienced insurance producers. When a producer or agent buys one of these franchises, they are able to make their own decisions surrounding the insurance they offer their clients. An agent who works for State Farm will only be able to sell State Farm products, but with an agency, there are many other options and a wide range of avenues one can take—and the potential to make money is much greater in return.

Ron Kuruvilla, Agency Owner at We Insure, started in the insurance business at a young age, working as a corporate employee and now, as a franchise owner, which has only enhanced his passion for the industry industry. “I see both sides,” says Kuruvilla. “I bought a franchise, I invested the money into the franchise and I am also a corporate employee with a very deep understanding of how the operation works and all of the day to day of being on the team.”

A big aspect of a franchise is the support you get from the corporate office. Support that is essential for producers and agents who want to break away from corporate insurance and sell products on their own. “I have always been asked, ‘knowing what you know today, knowing both sides of the coin, and knowing that here we are five years forward, would you buy a franchise again?’ and I always tell people, ‘Yes,’” says Kuruvilla. “In my opinion, a lot of the issues I faced before I bought a franchise were, and still are, being resolved by We Insure.”

Those solutions are all about helping the producer focus on producing. We Insure offers a full-service marketing department, who will help you with small things like business cards to larger issues like where to market, as well as customer service reps that will handle the daily concerns of your clients so you can focus on what you do best which is selling and forming relationships.

Owning an insurance franchise requires a lot of hard work and persistence, but the results can be extremely rewarding. “The first question most people ask is, how quickly can I get a return on my investment?  That ties, hand in hand, with the second question that I typically tend to ask them: what are you going to do to drive business?” If you are willing to put in the work, form relationships, and hire hard working agents and producers to join your franchise, you are likely to be as successful as you hope to be.

If you are interested in becoming an agency owner, or want to grow your existing insurance business, insurance franchises, and more, contact We Insure. Give us a call at 877-677-4063 or visit our website https://weinsuregroup.com/ to learn more.

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