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We Insure Your Adrenaline Rush


Zipping along a ridgeline astride an ATV with no other humans in sight can be exhilarating. Others find that same feeling launching a personal watercraft off the face of a swell. When tackling the limitless array of roads — and waters — less traveled, there are powersports vehicles of every description and acres of accessories to choose from. But there’s one extra that’s too often overlooked — insurance.


State requirements for insuring powersports vehicles vary from practically nothing to standards close to those for automobiles. But even if your state doesn’t require insurance, there are plenty of good reasons to have it. So before you pull the trigger on an adventure-mobile, check with a knowledgeable We Insure agent.


Two-wheeled Excitement

If you think you’re seeing more scooters, mopeds, and e-bikes these days, your suspicion is correct. E-bike sales, in particular, are booming and are forecast to more than double in the next decade. And generally, e-bikes aren’t required to be insured. Gas-powered mopeds or scooters with engines smaller than 50cc and a top speed under 30 mph may not require insurance either. Typically, bigger engines and higher speeds mean you’ll probably need coverage.


But whether required or not, insurance is a smart move. If you drive your e-bike or moped into a parked car — or worse, a pedestrian — you’re liable for the damage. Don’t assume that your auto, homeowners, or health insurance will cover you. Moped/scooter insurance can cover those expenses along with the theft of your vehicle and damages caused if an uninsured motorist hits you.


Off-road Adventure

The allure of adventure has put sales of four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) into overdrive — from single-rider motorcycle-like “quad” ATVs up to utility terrain vehicles (or side-by-sides) with multiple seats. In most states, you’ll need insurance to drive these on a public road, and some even require insurance to drive them off-road on public lands. With an insurance policy in your pocket and a trail guide in hand, an ATV is a ticket to experiencing the thrill of the backcountry with an enhanced sense of freedom and discovery — and protection.


Speed, Spray — and Security

Better known by trade names like Sea-Doo, Jet Ski, and WaveRunner, motorized personal watercraft (PWCs) are the fast and furious little brothers of racing boats, reaching speeds up to 75 mph. While your state may not require insurance for PWCs, the possibility of damaging something — a dock, a boat, a passenger, or yourself — and potential theft make it a good idea. If you keep your PWC in a marina, they may require you to have liability insurance.


While damaging property with nonmotorized PWC — like a kayak, canoe, or paddle board — is rarer, you do need to be concerned about the possibility of theft. Your homeowners policy may cover a pilfered PWC, but the amount it pays out could be far less than the cost of replacement.


Beyond the Fairway

Golf carts come in two flavors: Standard models with a top speed of less than 20 mph and low speed vehicles (LSVs) that travel up to 25 mph. In some places, you can drive a golf cart on a public road without insurance, while driving an LSV may require both liability insurance and safety equipment like seatbelts.


Adventure Awaits — Safeguard Your Journey

Anytime you’re operating a motorized vehicle — in the woods, on the waves, or on the road — you risk causing damage to property, yourself, or others. The whole point of adventure vehicles is the freedom to explore. And that should include freedom from worry about an uninsured loss or liability.


Because insurance regulations vary, consult a knowledgeable agent. We Insure agents are not only well-versed in what coverages you should or must carry, but they also have access to policies from a variety of providers so they can tailor insurance to your individual needs and budget.


Speak with a We Insure agent today to make sure you’re covered. Then suit up, sign up, and hit the trail adventure is calling.



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