We Insure: Stronger Together

December 1, 2020


Once upon a time, the insurance industry was made up of local mom-and-pop agencies who owned local markets, had personal relationships with their customers and handled all the service. In the last 20 years, those same independent insurance providers have been purchased by larger companies or they simply vanished from the marketplace. 

What’s a person who’s interested in hanging their own shingle to do? If you want to operate an independent agency service model, you have a couple of choices: You can either go it alone or team up with a group, aggregator or franchise. 

As our story tells you, small independent agencies are not where the industry is headed, and the primary driver of this change is the insurance market’s distribution model that favors larger companies. In theory, large companies have the capability to produce more policies and are generally less risky to the carrier. That’s precisely where We Insure fits in. 

We Insure began in 2009 to bring a new, innovative independent agency to market and offer a way for entrepreneurs across the country to build strong, sustainable businesses. We Insure addresses customer expectations for efficiency, transparency, choice and value with the back-end support a budding new business owner needs to succeed. 

Designed by agents for agents, We Insure is revolutionizing the independent insurance franchise model by creating a business that focuses on the success of its individual agents, who are in turn strengthened through the support of the company’s ecosystem. We Insure agents are indeed stronger together.

The strength of We Insure is based on four operational principles: passion, solutions, teamwork and integrity. 

Passion. We Insure strives to be the best independent agency solution. Our decision to implement revolutionary technology infrastructure and invest in our call center team are two examples of how our passion influences the way we do business. 

Solutions. We focus on solving problems so our agents can do what they do best — develop and grow customer relationships. If servicing clients is an estimated 65 percent of your time as an agency operator, with We Insure behind you, that time can be spent building your book of business.

Teamwork. We’re stronger together. Our network of agents, staff and carriers comprises an organization that maximizes the insurance experience for We Insure customers. We have strong relationships with the top insurance carriers and many others, so our agents can write policies for just about any need.

Integrity. We pride ourselves on our honesty and moral obligation to all our agents, carriers and insureds. We Insure has a methodical approach to growth to help ensure our existing agents and insureds never feel that company growth is at their expense. 

In 2020, We Insure added more than 50 new agencies and has grown from a booming Florida market to now operating in multiple states, including: in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina. Contact us to learn more about our proven business model and find out about franchise opportunities available in your area.