We Insure Provides Best-in-Class Support to Agents

March 2, 2023


The trend toward Direct to Consumer (D2C), self-service insurance presents a number of potential pitfalls for consumers. We understand the critical role agents play in helping customers understand the oftentimes complex nuances of their coverage, as well as ensuring their customers have adequate protection against common (and uncommon) perils.


Unlike D2C, agents are able to develop and maintain deeper relationships with clients, are better positioned to understand their unique insurance needs, and provide more personal service. And that’s why supporting agents and agency owners is a top priority for We Insure. We do this in many ways, each and every day.


Marketing outreach. We offer a full-service suite of marketing tools and resources to agents. Agencies have a polished and professional digital presence on the We Insure corporate website starting on day one, and they are supplied a steady stream of demand-generation content to fuel their businesses. Our expert marketing team helps agents establish a robust social media presence to increase online visibility. We’ll set up a Google Business Profile and reputation management system that encourages your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews of your agency. In addition, agents have access to a comprehensive library of digital marketing assets, including templates, graphics and other tools to quickly create branded promotional content. All this allows We Insure agency owners to spend more time building customer relationships — and their book of business.


Streamlined sales. We Insure has established relationships — and negotiated top-tier commissions — with major insurers across the U.S. Our broad carrier network allows our agents to provide more choice, flexibility and greater value to policyholders. And our rapid quoting system lets you access the information your prospects need fast — when they’re ready to act. The We Insure customer care team is specially trained in cross-selling, which means we’re always working to help you build your book behind the scenes during renewal periods and other regular points of client contact.


Hassle-free operations and administration. We Insure agency owners have a dedicated recruitment team at their disposal and full support for onboarding staff, obtaining licensure and agency setup. This includes support in vetting and hiring a licensed and qualified agent in charge, and providing coaching and educational support to new agents. But the support doesn’t end there. We Insure also provides support in day-to-day administrative and operational concerns from claims processing, to resolving customer support issues and keeping up to date with required documentation. When a customer calls with a question, claim or policy change, we’ll handle that for you. Our dedicated customer service team — your customer service team — will take care of day-to-day administrative issues to allow you more time to focus on growing your business.


Supporting Agents Is Our Top Priority

We Insure understands that agents are the heart of an insurance agency. The advice they give — and relationships they build — is what drives success and customer satisfaction. And we think our one million customers would agree.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read how our agents feel about the We Insure experience in their very own words.


If you’re a captive agent who wants to provide more options to customers, an independent agent wishing to be part of something bigger or even a real estate pro looking to expand your offerings — we invite you to learn more about all the advantages of partnering with We Insure.




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