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Tired of Going It Alone? Make the Leap from Lone Wolf to Industry Leader With We Insure


As an independent agent, you’re forced to wear many hats. Whether trying to stay on top of never-ending administrative tasks, running your daily operations or chasing renewals, you spin a lot of plates to keep your agency humming. Add to that the constant need to prospect new business, market yourself and answer customer questions, and there’ve probably been days you’ve wished you could just clone yourself. 


But what if instead of requiring a miracle of modern science, you could lighten your workload simply by partnering with a company that fully understands your challenges, and has already developed the tools and resources to solve them? And what if that company was nationally recognized for revolutionizing the insurance business? After all, there’s a reason we keep winning top franchise awards year after year. We Insure has helped numerous independent agents make the leap from lone wolf to industry leader, and we can help you do the same.


A Slew of Services

Just keeping the lights on and running day-to-day ops at an independent agency can be a full-time job by itself. We Insure alleviates much of that work, offering an extremely robust back-end support system.


If one of your clients buys a new vehicle, for example, and needs to change out his or her coverage, our support team handles that transaction from start to finish. When someone calls about a claim, we’re the liaison between the customer and the carrier — not you. Our dedicated support team handles the myriad client interactions that would otherwise eat up so much of your time, enabling you to keep a laser focus on selling and growth.


We also provide extensive customer retention support. Our retention team does the outreach for you, making sure you keep that hard-earned business. Around the time of renewal, team members start reaching out to keep clients on board. We even handle policy renewal payments. And don’t worry, our team is trained in cross-selling, so you’ll never miss out on those opportunities — ever.


Marketing Support  

We provide a multitude of marketing resources out of the gate to successfully launch your new business, including: setting up your business website, writing and distributing a new agency press release, creating social media and Google My Business profiles, and adding your agency page to the We Insure site. As a We Insure franchisee, you’ll benefit from valuable professional marketing support to help spread the word about your agency and get on prospects’ radar. We market to your clients regularly throughout the year to keep them engaged and cross-promote your lines. And we provide agency owners access to marketing tools such as mailers, business cards, flyers and email templates, as well as our content marketing library and promotional catalog. Plus, you can scale your marketing efforts through opt-in marketing programs as you grow. We’ll give you the tools you need to successfully launch and publicize your agency.


Training and Instruction

To help new owners get up to speed, we provide coaching and mentoring services. Our agency development team can help with a range of issues, from accounting procedures to questions about a carrier. Whether you’re coming from a captive or independent agency background, we’ll familiarize you with the unique aspects of running a We Insure franchise and help you leverage the many services available to you through our corporate office. And we have a professional mentorship program so you can connect with agency owners who’ve been exactly where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. You’re never alone with We Insure.


Commission and Customer Choice

Going from independent owner to We Insure franchisee, you’re no longer a small fish in a big pond. We’ve already established partnerships with top carriers, providing our agents access to well over 150 total markets. That gives your customers the ultimate experience of choice and lower rates. Plus, our carrier relationships enable us to secure top-tier commissions for our agency owners, helping to boost your bottom line.


Superior Service From the Get-go

Other insurance companies say they have great service, but defining exactly what that means is where the rubber meets the road. We Insure not only offers a wide array of services to our agencies, but those services start on day one. So while some companies might make owners go through a 90-day waiting period, We Insure enables you to hit the ground running and get things underway from the moment you open your door for business.


Start your journey from independent agent to high-powered, full-service franchisee today. We offer attractive financing options that can help make the transition smooth and affordable. In fact, We Insure was recently identified by independent franchise research firm Franchise Business Review as one of only 50 franchises to qualify as a 2022 top low-cost franchise. Contact We Insure today to learn how you can become part of the We Insure family and take advantage of our unique franchise insurance offering. By leveraging the Power of We, you’ll never have to go it alone again.


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