This Is the Power of We

October 5, 2022


Entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in the insurance industry are often motivated by hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Whether it’s to build something to call their own, make a positive impact in their communities or have more flexibility to spend time with family and friends, making the leap to agency ownership feels like a gateway to their personal, professional and financial goals.  


But concerns about the realities of running an agency can prevent some would-be owners from taking those critical first steps toward making it happen. What if I don’t have the support I need? Do I have the necessary expertise? What if I can’t offer my clients the coverage they need — and at the right price?


We Insure has built its success on overcoming these obstacles for you. Whether you’re a captive agent, an independent broker or someone with no insurance industry background whatsoever, you can experience the flexibility and freedom of agency ownership. Having partnered with hundreds of franchise owners, we have a proven track record of success — with lots of industry accolades to back us up. But don’t just take our word for it — here are just a few of our successful agency owners who can attest, firsthand, to the power of we.


Choice and Value

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was in Ashley Duckett’s DNA to run her own business. Along her professional journey, Ashely quickly fell in love with insurance and looked forward every day to helping her clients find coverage. But the work left her with one major frustration. “I was finding myself telling people that I couldn't help them,” she says.


That changed when she opened her South Florida agency, We Insure Fort Myers. “Now, with the market access that I have, I don't have to worry about saying, ‘I'm sorry I can't help you’,” she says. “I have an option for everyone.”


Being able to offer an array of choices from We Insure’s multitude of top-rated carriers alleviated Ashley’s concerns about falling short of client needs and enabled her to provide exceptional service. Plus, the operational and administrative support she receives from We Insure allows her to focus on her priorities and strengths — building relationships, educating clients and selling policies.


Looking back, Ashley remains extremely satisfied with her commitment to We Insure. “Choosing We Insure was the best decision I’ve ever made,” she says. “This is the place I want to be.”


Hit the Ground Running

When Dexter Chase, owner of We Insure Apopka in Central Florida, first saw the We Insure business model, he knew it was the right move for him. We Insure checked all the boxes, enabling him to focus on what he does best.


“They provided in one solution a way for me to open on day one with all my criteria met,” he says. “I was able to focus on the markets I liked and reach out to people in a way that I felt I was good at.”


Dexter says the We Insure model allowed him to be more productive and successful — in a shorter amount of time. He cites having access to technology and back-end support as key elements in deciding to partner with We Insure. He was also swayed by We Insure’s clear commitment to their agency owners’ success. “Corporate has our best interests at heart, and I see nothing but great things coming in the future,” he says.


Meeting Personal and Professional Needs

From a very young age, Sean Way knew he wanted to go into insurance. “As a five-year-old, I watched this guy sell my mom a life insurance policy, and a light bulb went off right then,” he says.


Sean eventually got his own life insurance license and was off and running in the industry, leading him to eventually open We Insure Jacksonville. Then shortly afterward, Sean’s wife and agency co-owner Kim gave birth to their son Caleb, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.


“In the first year of his life, which was also our first year in business, we had tons of doctor appointments and tons of therapies,” Kim says, “Having the support of We Insure was invaluable.”


Sean adds that We Insure gave him and his wife the flexibility they needed to take care of their family, helping him achieve his goals as both a father and a business owner. Plus, owning the agency enables him to give back to his local community. “This company allows us to do all of that — and more,” he says.


Complete, End-to-end Solution

We Insure wants to see all of our franchisees grow a thriving, successful business. In addition to carrier administration, operational and back-end services, our whole-package solution includes marketing and sales support. Plus, we’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and our fully staffed IT department can respond to any technical issues that arise. We’ll also help you recruit — and train — a dedicated agent in charge, so you can start selling from the moment you open your doors.


If you want to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, consider joining our growing list of successful and satisfied We Insure franchise owners — and experience the power of we for yourself.

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