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Thinking About Hitting the Road in an RV? Read This First


Are you thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicle to take your vacation on the road this fall for some socially distant fun? If you are, you’re not alone! 

The RV Industry Association reports a 170% increase in sales for May 2020 compared to 12 months prior. As our national parks have reopened, many families want to salvage lost summer holidays in a safer way — and transport kids back to college without putting them on a plane. Snowbirds, who are at an increased risk for falling sick to the coronavirus, are also looking for new ways to head south this winter. And the appeal of RVs is broadening as many young families and retirees alike consider the RV lifestyle for the very first time.

But before you drive off in your home away from home, make sure you’re properly covered. Your auto policy may offer some RV-specific insurance protection for driving-related accidents, its contents and other issues — but may not give you all the coverage you need. Homeowners policies can provide offer some protection, but it’s generally limited to when the RV is parked at your residence. RV insurance typically combines the types of coverage common to home and auto insurance policies at a level that’s commensurate to the value of the RV.  

Insurers differentiate RVs from passenger cars and SUVs because RVs are typically much larger, longer and more expensive than a standard vehicle — sometimes costing as much as a (stationary) house. The size of the vehicle can feel awkward to drive at first, and insurers anticipate a greater risk for accidents. You may find it more difficult to drive and park, especially in tight spaces like gas stations and off-road campsites. Read: Fender benders are more likely as a new RV road warrior!  

Even minor accidents like scraping a pole or denting another RV can lead to expensive repairs. Purchasing RV insurance can get you the higher limits you need to cover damages, which can be substantially more than the average auto policy provides. 

Beyond the typical dings and scrapes you might anticipate, being on the road for longer periods of time can make you more susceptible to Mother Nature, theft and a variety of other perils. Supplemental policies can cover costs your auto or homeowner insurance policy may not, like hotel or rental car reimbursement in the event of a breakdown.

One last note for those who are new to RV travel: If you’re journeying outside of the U.S. to Canada or Mexico, you may also need specific protections for taking your RV across the border. So be sure to talk to your agent about your upcoming travel plans. 

We Insure offers exceptional customer service and competitive rates on auto, motorcycle, RV and boat insurance. So, before you hit the road (or the waves) talk to one of our knowledgeable agents so you can enjoy your next adventure with the protection you need.


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