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The Power of a We Insure Competitive Quote


If you’ve only ever gotten an insurance quote from a big captive insurer, we bet you’ll be surprised to see the We Insure difference. Just look at the image above for an example of the type and amount of information you can access when you request a competitive quote from a knowledgeable, independent We Insure agent.

Don’t Be Held Captive
When you get a quote from a captive agent — a representative of a national insurer with a jingle you can hum — your main options for getting a lower rate are decreasing coverage limits or raising your deductible.

At We Insure, we don’t think that’s much of a choice at all.

With We Insure, you’ll receive an apples-to-apples competitive quote from a broad array of insurers offering comparable coverage on your home, vehicle or business. And while we’ve changed the carrier names in the photo above, those numbers are from an actual homeowner’s insurance quote for a We Insure client. Note how much the premiums can change from insurer to insurer.

Our agents aren’t bound to a single carrier, so they’re free to seek out the best possible coverage for you at the lowest price. Their focus is on understanding and meeting your insurance needs — not on selling the only policy they can offer. And unlike smaller independent insurance agents, We Insure has secured competitive pricing from top-rated carriers with the power of its 160+ (and growing) agencies across the US.

The We Insure Difference
Imagine two people shopping for homeowner’s insurance. One goes to a national captive agent and the other to We Insure. Do you think the captive agent’s quote will look anything like what you see above? It can’t. Ask yourself — would you rather have more information or less? Many choices or just one?

Some people stick with an insurer out of habit. Perhaps it’s all they’ve ever known — or it’s the company their parents used. If you’re one of those people, consider getting a quote from We Insure. It’s fast, easy and free. 

You may decide to keep your policy right where it is, but at least you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that there wasn’t a better choice for you out there somewhere. Whatever you do, don’t leave any of your hard-earned money on the table when you might have secured superior coverage at a lower price. 

The Power of WE
Having the kind of information We Insure provides puts you in the driver’s seat and makes you a more empowered consumer. That’s “The Power of WE.” 

Your local, independent We Insure agent can offer you a competitive quote not just for homeowners insurance, but also for auto, business, boat and RV policies — and beyond. Experience the Power of WE for yourself and call today. You’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially a whole lot to save. 

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