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The Many Benefits of Brand Strength


When researching and evaluating a franchise opportunity, it’s easy to focus exclusively on factors like start-up costs and back-end support. And while these things are critically important, there’s another intangible quality that deserves an equal amount of your attention and scrutiny — and that’s brand strength.


What Is Brand Strength?


Brand strength has to do with a brand’s overall favorable impression, trust, credibility and visibility. Apple, Nike and McDonald’s are all examples of strong brands. Sometimes referred to as brand equity, this intangible quality imparts actual, real value to a company.


But how can you conceptualize and define something as abstract as brand strength?


There are number of questions you can ask such as: Is the brand uniquely positioned so it’s set apart from competitors? Does it have a compelling and unique value proposition to present customers? And does it deliver consistently on its brand promise?


Messaging the We Insure Value Proposition


We Insure promises customers convenience, superior service, greater choice and exceptional value — combining the best of both worlds from captive agencies and independent brokerages. Offering a full spectrum of insurance products from home, auto, business, boat, RV — and now even encompassing health and life Insurance — We Insure is a one-stop shop for savvy insurance consumers.


Our messaging has been professionally crafted and is communicated clearly and consistently in blogs, social media and press releases across all digital franchise properties — on the main website and in all our corporate communications.


When Looks Count — Visual Branding


There’s also a significant visual component to brand strength. And that relates to everything from logo and website design to print materials including brochures and signage. We Insure has made significant investments in developing its brand messaging and visual identity. And the result has helped us create a clear, confident and memorable impression to customers all across the U.S. That’s the Power of WE. 


Our distinctive logo is deceptively simple and memorable. Yet beneath that simplicity lies rich and persuasive associations. The shield represents strength and protection; our red, white and blue colors convey trusted American values; and our very name expresses a sense of alliance and partnership. We think it doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to compelling branding.


Equity From Day One


When you partner with We Insure, you’ll benefit from the brand equity we’ve already built starting on day one. When customers encounter your business for the first time — whether it’s online, at your agency or through your written materials — they’ll have a favorable impression from the start. And that positive impression will be seamlessly integrated throughout their customer journey.


We Insure’s brand strength will give you a competitive advantage and a head start out of the gate. The proof is in our astounding growth, with now more than 160 retail locations across the U.S. In 2020, the company expanded into14 states and grew its franchise agency footprint by 55%. We recently surpassed a milestone of 250,000 insured customers, and so far doubled the franchise footprint in 26 states. And independent research firm Franchise Business Review recognized We Insure as one of the Top 50 Best Franchises to Buy in 2021 based on franchisee satisfaction rankings. 


Join a winning team and use your local expertise to build your business with a strong brand. For more information about franchise opportunities in your area, visit or contact us to start a discussion.

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