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Spring Clean Your Coverage With We Insure


Springtime inspires us to get organized for the bright days ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to dust off your home, auto, and other insurance coverage. Policies that have served you well may need updating. You might be missing discounts, or your coverage limits may not reflect increasing home values. A policy spring cleaning with your local We Insure agent could yield savings and better coverage. Here are some questions you should ask.


Are you underinsured?

Some drivers choose the minimum required coverage for their vehicle. But that may not be enough if you’re involved in a serious accident. The same goes for other types of insurance. Have you made improvements to your house, or have values risen sharply? It may be time to revisit your homeowners policy. Has your family gotten larger? Keeping your life insurance consistent with your current responsibilities is one of the best ways to protect the people who depend on you.


Could you be missing out on valuable discounts?

If you’re not bundling home and auto coverage, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Beyond safe driver and multi-car discounts, there are other ways to save on auto insurance. If you’ve remodeled your home with impact-resistant windows or installed a security system, you may qualify for a discount. Affiliations with certain organizations or trade groups can also lower your rate. A knowledgeable We Insure agent can help you discover these “hidden” discounts.


Are you at risk for unexpected out-of-pocket costs?

Discuss your coverage with your agent so that you fully understand the limits of your policy. You might be surprised by some of the perils or possessions that may be excluded. If the policy doesn’t cover it, you’ll be on the hook for repairs, replacements, or potential liability.


Have you experienced a major life event?

Life changes, and your insurance should too. Have you gotten married? You may need to add your spouse as a beneficiary. Did you buy a home? Have you added a new driver in your household? If so, it’s time to have a talk with your local We Insure agent about changes in your coverage needs.


Are your deductibles too high?

Choosing a higher deductible can decrease your premiums, but it also means you’re going to pay more out of pocket if something unfortunate happens. What if a major storm damages your house or cars? The total deductible on a home, vehicle, and other possessions could be significant.


Have you shopped around lately?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of comparison shopping for the best coverage. Your We Insure agent can do the legwork for you. We Insure represents multiple carriers, and your best deal may be with someone other than your current insurer.


Do you have flood insurance?

Don’t assume that your home policy covers damage from flood waters. If you’re in a flood zone, your mortgage holder will probably require flood insurance. If not, yet there is a history or possibility of flooding, consider adding it. According to FEMA, property owners outside of high-risk areas file more than a quarter of National Flood Insurance Program claims.


Is that vintage Stratocaster covered?

Items of exceptional value such as jewelry, cameras, and musical instruments may not be covered by your home and auto policies. Make a list of any high-value or unusual possessions. Then talk to your We Insure agent about whether they’re covered by your current policies, and whether you need a rider or separate policy. We Insure has access to excess and surplus lines and can help find the right coverage for your valuables.


Has your coverage lapsed?

Letting policies lapse not only exposes you to potential losses, but in some cases can also make it difficult to reinstate the coverage. Many insurers offer early renewal discounts, too. If you renew the policy well in advance, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered — and potentially save money in the process.


Would you like a comprehensive policy review?

Clear the cobwebs from your existing coverage and make sure you’re getting every discount you’re entitled to — make an appointment to talk with your local We Insure agent. They have relationships with top-rated carriers and will perform a complimentary policy review — and even comparison shop your coverage at no cost. So while you’re cleaning out closets, organizing your office, and purging the pantry, let We Insure dust off your policies to make sure you’re getting the best protection and price we can find.

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