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South Carolina Braces for Ian: Storm Preparedness Steps; Vital Information for Customers; We Are Here for You


We are continuously monitoring the status of Hurricane Ian and our first priority is the safety of our customers. We realize you could be impacted by this storm, and we want you to know that our teams stand at the ready. We Insure will do all we can to provide the assistance needed to see you through. Below is storm preparedness information as well as claims information. 

We Insure Will Be Here for You

In the event you cannot get through to your agent, or your agency’s physical location is impacted and they have to evacuate, you can contact your insurance carrier's claims department directly. You can also reach our main We Insure Customer Service department for additional assistance at 1-877-677-4063. 

Prepare for the Storm 

  • Write down emergency phone numbers and keep them on the refrigerator or near every phone in your house. Program them into your cell phone too. Make sure you know your insurance agency’s name and number and your insurance carrier’s claims number.
  • Gather important documentation such as your insurance cards, medical documents, wills, passports, and personal identification. Store these on your phone, or email them to yourself so you can access them no matter where you are.
  • Prepare and protect your home and property by doing things such as clearing your yard of potential flying objects or debris; moving autos, boats, and/or recreational vehicles to safety; adding protection, such as storm shutters, to windows and glass doors; knowing where your water and gas shut off valves are in case you need to turn them off; test your generator and check it's fuel supply - and never run your generator inside your home.
  • Pet owners: pre-identify shelters, a pet-friendly hotel, or an out-of-town friend or relative where you can take your pets in an evacuation.

  • Gather emergency supplies including food and water, emergency medicine, and power sources such as flashlights and a fire extinguisher.

  • Keep your cell phone charged and have portable phone batteries available

  • Additional preparation suggestions can be found on the American Red Cross website.

We are “One,” and times of crisis will always have our quick and complete response; together, We Rise.
We hope you, your family, and everyone in the path of Ian stay safe.


Your We Insure Team

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