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Resolve to Improve Home Safety in 2022


Thousands if not millions of people are making resolutions to lose weight or clear out clutter in the new year. But what could be more important than keeping your home and family secure? While it’s always prudent to address safety concerns as soon as possible rather than wait, the new year can renew motivation to tackle any lingering home maintenance issues once and for all. Here are some resolutions to make your abode safer for everyone who calls it home — or comes calling.


Fall-proof feng shui. Tripping hazards are a common cause of injury, so it’s important to minimize them wherever possible. Brighten shrouded stairs and outdoor walkways with additional lights. Secure furniture to walls to prevent tipping and place anti-slip pads under rugs while addressing loose tassels and curled-up corners. And never run electrical cords under carpets. 


Home security. Examine all your doors and windows. Worn-out door locks can seize up, stranding you outside, or break apart, leaving the entranceway vulnerable. Windows in disrepair may become easier for thieves to slip through, and an open window can cause serious injury if its bearings break. Also, consider installing a video doorbell that records footage. Your insurer may even offer a discount for additional security measures, so be sure to tell your We Insure agent about any new home safety or monitoring equipment you set up.


Fire protection. Inspect and replace the batteries in your fire alarms and smoke detectors twice a year at regular intervals — January 1st could be an easy reminder to do that. Position fire extinguishers in convenient, easy-to-reach areas in case a fire erupts. And always have one near the stove. Use the new year to reacquaint yourself with extinguisher operation and check their gauges and expiration dates. Also keep in mind that different models are intended for different types of fires — like grease or electrical. If your home has a chimney, inspect it. And clear out flammable clutter that can act as kindling for a house fire.


Water hazards. Restrict children’s access to bodies of water — even shallow ones. Most local codes require gates, fences and/or other barriers or alarms for pools. Consider other water risks: Inspect your plumbing for pipe leaks and check district maps regularly in case your neighborhood becomes more flood prone. As unprecedented deluges become more commonplace, remember that most homeowners policies don’t cover nature-borne flooding. Ask your We Insure agent about flood insurance for your home.


Chemical safety. It’s important to keep dangerous chemicals away from children, but adults should be cautious too. Store potent chemicals separately and securely — and keep them in their original containers with their product labels and safety information clearly visible. Remember that mixing the wrong substances can create toxic, potentially odorless fumes. Maintain good ventilation when cleaning and keep current phone numbers for poison control near a landline phone and on all mobile phones in the home.


Extra protection. Umbrella policies can pick up where the coverage of your auto and homeowners policies leave off. And the additional broad-based property, casualty and liability protection they provide often come at a very reasonable price. 


Resolve to Protect What Matters Most


Preventative home safety measures are important, but so is a good homeowners policy from a reputable insurer that provides protection against life’s misfortunes. Contact your local We Insure agent today for help finding the right coverage at the right price. And on behalf of all of us at We Insure, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe New Year.





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