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Military Service Helps We Insure Agency Owners Succeed


If you’re a military veteran, service to others is in your blood. After their careers, some vets choose to join police departments or become first responders. But there are other ways to serve your community, including by helping your neighbors protect the things they care about most — their homes, families and businesses — from financial devastation.


For consumers, insurance can be confusing. As a We Insure franchise owner, you can guide them in finding cost-effective homeowners, auto, life, commercial liability and other coverage that will be there for them when things go wrong. And the values and skills you developed in the military will help you succeed as part of the We Insure team.


Dedication to Service. The spirit of service means putting others ahead of self. For We Insure agents, getting the biggest sales commission isn’t the goal — providing the best coverage for each of your clients is. That can mean going the extra mile by making an additional phone call to track down an unusual policy for someone.


Team Effort. Joining We Insure is more than a commercial arrangement; you’re joining a growing organization with a clear mission and the backup you need to deliver premium service. We Insure has extensive back-office support including claims processing, an agent support hotline and a dedicated customer retention team. You can rely on We Insure to help the people who rely on you.


Leadership and Communication. When you own a We Insure agency you’re called on to offer leadership to your agents and your clients. Effective communication is essential in guiding customers to the right coverage, providing claims assistance and marketing your services within your community. And you’ll draw upon your ability to organize information and people to get the job done each and every day.


Character Counts. As a We Insure agent, your reputation is your strongest calling card. Always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, will propel your business. People notice when you go above and beyond, and they tell their friends and family. There are many opportunities in life to “just get by,” but that’s not you. Vigilance, respect for others, discipline and the willingness to do the work are part of your regular routine.


Attention to Detail. In the military, the ability to focus on small but critical details is a key determinant for success. When a client trusts you to protect their family with the right life insurance product, or to make sure their home is protected, details matter as well. A lot. Exclusions, limits and riders that modify coverage matter. At We Insure, sweating the small stuff makes a big difference.


Experience Matters. No matter what rank you achieved, you were in basic once. Along the way, you found out that experience really does matter, and that you can learn a lot by just listening. Because We Insure is an organization of independent entrepreneurs, there are many opportunities to learn from the challenges and successes of those who’ve preceded you.


WE Value Veterans

We Insure was recognized by independent research firm, Franchise Business Review, as one of only 80 franchises to qualify for its 2019 Top Franchises for Veterans list. And we give military vets $5,000 off their franchise start-up fee. We’ve found that when our franchise owners follow their core values and are true to their mission, we all succeed. We Insure thanks you for your service, and we’re happy to help you explore the possibility of franchise ownership as the next step in your career path.

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