Looking for a Franchise Opportunity? Here’s Why Insurance — and We Insure — Is a Fantastic Choice

January 4, 2023

You like the idea of a franchise and the many benefits it offers businessowners: the established processes and branding, the operational support and more. But with so many types of franchise opportunities available, from sandwich shops to salons, why pick insurance? And why We Insure?


Why Insurance?


Recession resistance. Just about everyone needs insurance. If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, it’s required — as is car insurance. And with other types of coverage frequently in demand, including life and commercial liability, insurance is largely regarded as recession-resistant. Unlike discretionary spending such as eating out, insurance is something most consumers are very reluctant to cut.


Recurring income. Insurance provides a recurring income stream. Premiums keep rolling in every month, which means your income can be more reliable. And it’s not a business that’s highly subject to seasonal or other market fluctuations, thereby offering greater economic stability for you as an agency owner.


Local connections. Insurance is a local business at heart, and that means you can leverage the relationships you’ve established in your own community to build your book. You can find new clients through your church, your kid’s school, local civic organizations — even at the grocery store. Your personal and business connections can give you a head start when you’re prospecting for insurance clients.


Cross-selling opportunities. Insurance offers tremendous opportunities for cross-selling. If you have a homeowners insurance customer, you can encourage bundling with auto coverage — and then add an umbrella policy or coverage for a second home or RV. And if your residential customer starts a business, you may be able to pick up their commercial lines too. The multiplier when it comes to insurance can really work in your favor. But We Insure can amplify your business even further.


Why We Insure?

We Insure has a turnkey solution with a proven track record of success. We offer tremendous advantages for our national network of agency owners. Here are just a few:


·         Full startup, administration and marketing support.

·         Strong brand equity with 300 locations across 36 states.

·         Comprehensive technology, back-end and customer service, staffed with 100+ licensed pros to handle customer questions and policy changes.

·         A helpful network of agency owners and mentoring opportunities.

·         Multiple carrier options across a wide range of product lines.

·         Partnerships with some of the leading names in insurance.

·         Expert recruitment and licensure support.

·         Access to top-tier commissions starting on day one.

·         Top low-cost franchise, as ranked by Franchise Business Review, with low barriers to entry and convenient financing options.

·         Renewal and cross-selling support — our retention team has achieved a 10% bump in renewal rates since 2019.


Purchasing a franchise is an important, life-changing decision. Do your homework and research all your options carefully. But if you want to stake your claim in the financial services industry with the promise of a steady stream of recession-resistant income, then insurance can make a lot of sense for many aspiring entrepreneurs.


With We Insure, you can focus on revenue-generating activities while we take care of carrier relationship management, compliance and accounting tasks. And if you want to partner with a franchise organization with a proven track record, a history of rapid growth and a deep bench of successful agency owners, we think there’s only one answer — and that’s We Insure.


Discover the Difference We Insure Can Make

Even if you have no prior insurance industry experience, you can be a successful agency owner with We Insure at your side. They say it’s always important to “find your why.” Many aspiring entrepreneurs have found their why — and more — with We Insure. We invite you to learn more about the exciting opportunities available to you as a We Insure franchise partner.

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