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Keep Your Business Rolling With Fleet Insurance


Business-as-usual these days means going to where the clients are. And it can take everything you’ve got to keep your business going – literally – because your team is on the road with sales vehicles, service vans, delivery trucks and maybe even an employee shuttle-bus.


You don’t just have a company car, you operate an entire fleet — and juggling separate policies for each vehicle may not be the best approach. At We Insure, we’re experts in commercial fleet insurance coverage, and we make it our business to keep your business rolling along.


Why Does My Business Need Fleet Insurance?

Unlike personal auto insurance, fleet insurance is specialized coverage for multiple vehicles of various types operated by a single company. If you have at least three vehicles of any kind connected to your business, you’re probably eligible for fleet insurance. It’s much easier to manage a single fleet policy than multiple individual policies, but it can also be more complex — fleet coverage is tailored to the specific needs of your business and protects against a different set of risks.


Your Business Matters.

Like any insurance policy, there’s no one-size-fits all solution with fleet insurance. Insurance needs are as varied as the businesses they cover — a floral business with a fleet of delivery vans and multiple drivers is likely to have different coverage needs than a construction company with a fleet of trucks carrying equipment.


The florist who has vans out all day making local deliveries may be at higher risk for drivers getting into fender benders. Both bodily injury liability (when a driver causes injury to a person) and property damage liability (a driver causing damage to property, like knocking over a mailbox) are major concerns. Combined single liability coverage blends bodily and property to give one overall limit for these types of claims rather than two separate ones.


The construction company likely has a different set of risks to insure against. It may have a fleet of many kinds of vehicles, but they’re not typically out driving in traffic all day. They may have trucks of different sizes — and depending on their gross weight rating, a different policy may apply to each. There’s also coverage needed for any specialized equipment they’re hauling to job sites.


The age and condition of your vehicles can impact your collision and comprehensive coverage needs. Collision covers damage done to your vehicle by other drivers, and comprehensive covers damage done to your vehicles by weather, vandalism or theft. The florist might want extra collision coverage to protect their brand-new delivery vans with custom graphics, while the construction company might not be as worried about damage to an old box truck left on a job site and choose to go with less comprehensive coverage.


Fleet Insurance Keeps You in Business

Juries are trending toward supporting the “little guy” in suits against corporations, as shown by a rise in judgments awarded to plaintiffs in commercial liability cases. Between 2014 and 2018, the median payout amount among the top 50 single-plaintiff suits nearly doubled. Litigators have taken notice, making companies an even more attractive target for potentially profitable lawsuits. This is one reason why your commercial insurance protection is more important than ever before.


We Insure can help you protect your business fleet operations. We have the commercial auto insurance expertise you want and can assist you in finding affordable fleet coverage from a top-rated insurer in your area. Call your local We Insure agent today — we’ll make your business our business.





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