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Insuring the Cars We Love


Our love affair with cars has played out not just in the streets, but also on the silver screen. The cars driven by movie heroes and villains spur the imagination, and may even inspire our real-world driving decisions. But whether your ultimate ride is a Bentley Bentayga or a Chevrolet Bolt, you’ll need the right insurance to hit the road — and that’s where We Insure can help. But first, grab some popcorn for a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of the most celebrated and beloved movie cars of all time.


Performance Cars

Batman has driven an amazing variety of cars. The most iconic was a modified 1955 concept car from Ford known as the Lincoln Futura, featured in the 1960s TV show. Through the years, the caped crusader’s cars changed as often as the actors, but the film series featuring Christian Bale had possibly the most audacious offerings — the tank-like Batmobile Tumbler plus two Lamborghinis (a Murcielago and Aventador). The Tumbler had a top speed of 160 mph — fast for sure, but a slow-poke next to the Murcielago Roadster’s reported top speed of 198 mph or the Aventador’s reported 217 mph.


And while we don’t recommend testing those speed limits, insuring a high-performance car is no problem for your local We Insure agent. We can quote a variety of coverage options for your high-velocity vehicle.



Probably the most famous high-tech car to make movie history is the DeLorean DMC that catapulted Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) Back to the Future. In reality, the DeLorean wasn’t able to catapult anybody anywhere; its top speed was a paltry 110 mph. (Of course, that’s without a boost from the car’s Flux Capacitor.)


You may not have the need for a temporal transporter, but perhaps you’ve been eying the latest tech-laden EV from Tesla, or the highly sophisticated Ford Mustang Mach-E. Today’s high-tech electric vehicles offer an array of fancy features that would make even Doc Brown proclaim, “Great Scott!” From advanced autopilot capabilities to seamless smart-tech integrations, these modern marvels are revolutionizing the way we drive. And We Insure agents can compare policies across multiple providers to find the best coverage for your cutting-edge cruiser.


Cool Classics

For many, the ultimate car is a vintage ride that appeared in a classic film: The Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond in Goldfinger, the 1966 Ford Thunderbird from Thelma and Louise, Steve McQueen’s 1968 Mustang GT 390 in Bullitt, or the 1969 ’Stang driven by Keanu Reeves in John Wick. But few cars have inspired muscle-car mania like the Dodge Charger — specifically, the 1970 model driven by Vin Diesel in the original Fast and Furious film. Diesel’s Charger, now fully restored, resides in The Volo Auto Museum in Illinois.


The valuation of classic cars like these isn’t something you find in the Kelley Blue Book. For that reason, many owners purchase an “agreed value” policy, meaning that the owners and the insurer agree on a value for the car, taking into account factors such as the model’s rarity, its exact specifications, its history, and its condition. We Insure can guide you through the process and source coverage for your classic coupe or convertible.


Protect Your Passion

Whether you yearn for the power of a performance car, the cutting-edge features of a techmobile, or the timeless elegance of a classic, We Insure can help you protect the passion inspired by your favorite cinematic counterpart. Drive-in for a fast and free quote today.



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