Insurance Franchise Ownership Is a Great 2nd Act Career

January 28, 2021


Of all the franchise opportunities available today, insurance is one of the top choices for business people who’ve already had a rich professional life and want to pivot to a new, rewarding career. These would-be business owners come from all walks of life, but the ones with sales, marketing, and finance knowledge, along with a depth of life experience, tend to smoothly transition into insurance franchises and find early success. 

What’s great about insurance is that it’s easy to enter the industry, and earning potential is high from the start. You don’t have to be a licensed insurance agent to own a franchise. You can hire one or get the right candidate up to speed with training and licensure quickly. We Insure can help you obtain the instruction and credentials you need. And we offer ongoing educational programs and support for you and your employees. 

Yes, it’s true that insurance franchise owners have the opportunity to earn big right from the start. If you have a large existing professional network, your contact list is an excellent kick start to your agency. 

Even if you don’t have an established book of business, you can still be successful if you have hustle. The We Insure model allows owners to focus on sales, while the franchise provides superior back-end, operations and marketing support. 

Sales sharks aren’t the only business professionals who find success in insurance — there are many types of individuals who do exceptionally well with We Insure. Professionals from real estate gravitate to home insurance, while those with a financial background might enjoy the nuances of business insurance. We Insure offers the gamut of auto, home, business and health insurance products, so you may consider one area your specialty, but you’ll also be in a position to offer insurance to meet all of your clients’ needs. 

Do you like to help people? Are you a problem-solver? If you answer yes to both questions, and you have a self-starter mindset, insurance can be the right fit for you. Insurance franchise ownership is perfect for someone who enjoys getting to know people and understanding their needs. You can be the agency owner who takes great pleasure in finding solutions that balance needed protections with value. 

Many We Insure franchise owners are just entering the prime of their lives. They’re looking for the next act of their professional careers to provide stability and high-earning potential with low risk, and that’s why insurance is so attractive as a business opportunity. 

If this sounds like you, then insurance franchises should be high on your list, and We Insure can help you explore this exciting idea further and answer your questions. Visit our website for additional information about We Insure franchise opportunities available in your area.