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Holiday Insurance FAQs


Holiday celebrations are filled with delightful moments, from sharing a sumptuous feast with family and friends to watching the big game on TV — or even taking a post-meal midday nap. It’s a time to cherish those we care about and enjoy time spent together. But don’t let a big holiday meal pull the wool over your eyes. As wonderful as the holidays are, it’s also the year’s busiest season. We Insure can’t help you finish shopping for everything on your list, but we can help take the guesswork out of some of the most frequently asked holiday-related insurance questions.


Q: I just slayed with my Black Friday shopping, but are my holiday gifts insured if a Grinch comes and steals them?

A: Don’t worry if you’re taking home a big haul. Homeowners or renters insurance typically provides coverage for personal belongings, including gifts, against theft or damage — both inside your home and in the trunk of your car. Check your policy for the deductible amount and coverage limits, which may not be the same as your overall policy coverage.


Q: I’m heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house — but will my auto insurance cover the rental if I collide with a reindeer on the way?

A: Before you pile in for the holiday road trip, check your auto insurance policy to see if it extends coverage to rental cars so you can skip adding insurance at the counter. Check your credit card provider as well — some offer insurance, provided you charge the rental to that card.


Q: I’m ready to get the party started, but am I covered if one of my holiday guests gets tangled in the tinsel and takes a tumble?

A: Before your holiday hootenanny, check your homeowners or renters liability coverage in case of accidents or injuries that may occur on your property. Take time to implement some common holiday safety precautions, like securing extension cords for holiday lights and de-icing your steps before guests arrive to help prevent any accidents.


Q: Dreaming of a winter wonderland is magical, but waking up to frozen pipes can be a nightmare. Would my homeowners insurance have my back?

A: Always take preventive measures against frozen pipes, ice dams, and other winter-related risks, regardless of your coverage. But as long as you maintain your pipes and property properly, most homeowners policies insure against sudden, accidental water damage from a burst pipe. Inform your insurance company if you’ve installed safety devices or taken steps to minimize potential damage from winter weather conditions to support any claims you might need to make.


Q: Every holiday season, Fido seems to think he’s auditioning for “Pets Got Talent.” How can I make sure his daredevil stunts don’t lead to a costly vet visit?

A: Whether it’s a new pup or a beloved cat, animals are notorious for getting into exactly what they shouldn’t during the holidays. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind — and help protect your wallet — in the event your furry friends get a hold of toxic holiday decorations, turkey bones, or a rogue candy cane. Review your options, deductibles, and coverage, as policies can vary.


Wishing You a Safe and Joyful Season

Whether you usher in Hanukkah with eight nights of presents, pile up gifts under the Christmas tree, or light the Kwanzaa Kinara, your local We Insure agent is here to help keep your holiday festivities merry and bright. Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us at We Insure.



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