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Go Offline and IRL With Your Agency Marketing


Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ads may be all the rage, but you can reach an entirely new set of future customers by taking it old school with nondigital marketing strategies. As devoted as some people are to their devices, there are lots of opportunities out there for you to spread the word about your agency when they’re offline. Check out some of these time-tested marketing practices that can lead to great results IRL (in real life).


Nondigital Advertising 

Radio spots, local print ads and direct mail are still reliable tools for agencies of all sizes. Radios often play in gyms, waiting rooms and offices, so sponsoring a station or creating an ad that plays several times will help listeners recognize your name. Studies show that direct mail messaging is remembered better and has a higher response rate then pay-per-click or email marketing. And personalization can help optimize your results.Just like direct mail, print advertising is better for brand recall and recognition. In 2019, 62% of millennials in one study reported that they read print ads instead of disregarding them. Find local newsletters, restaurant menus, theater programs or any other print opportunity to get your business in front of as many locals as possible. 


Community Engagement

We talked about sponsoring a local radio station, but your options for community connection don’t end there. Look into supporting a high school sports team or scout troop, bring your mascot to town events like the Fourth of July parade or set up a booth at a fall festival or farmer’s market. Supporters like to know what’s going on with their favorite teams, troops or groups, and this is your chance to give them your best pitch. 


Print and Other Physical Promotions

People are always on the move, and wherever they go, so can your agency messaging. Target your audience with vehicle wraps and billboards. Park wrapped vehicles in front of specific locations where your clients frequently visit. Keep the messaging clear and to the point with a prominent call to action for them to contact your agency.


While your ads are on the move, take time to sit still and connect with customers via in-person booths at local events. Set up a table at a car show with plenty of information about auto insurance to distribute. Bring branded swag, business cards and other takeaways so each prospect will have something to remember you by. Chat with previous or existing customers to learn what’s working and what isn’t. There’s nothing “old school” about connecting to your customers in person, especially if you want to build a long and prosperous relationship. 


Public Speaking and Seminars

Give a talk at your local library about home safety or boat insurance. Or make a presentation on business insurance at your local chamber of commerce. If there’s a classic car or motorcycle enthusiast club in your community, offer to share some advice on insuring their ride. Women take the reins on household budgets in many homes, so speaking at a local women’s club could be a fantastic opportunity to get your message out in front of the financial decision makers for many families.


Combining Online and Offline Strategies

Good agency marketing plans use an omnichannel strategy to reach as many customers as possible. While digital is “in” and highly successful, it can also be highly saturated — and tempting for people to tune out. By adding nondigital marketing efforts into your brand-building campaign, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed and turning your leads into new customers. 



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