Franchise Support: How Deep Is Their Love?

July 2, 2020


One of the primary reasons that entrepreneurs select franchise business models is to help them mitigate the risk of starting a new business and for the franchise’s established brand and support. It’s common to hear that they initially considered starting their own business but grew concerned about the challenges of opening and operating their own company before turning to a franchise. Many of our current franchisees are former independent agents who, after running their own agencies, chose We Insure expressly because of the level of resources, structure and support system that our model provides. 

Proven Business Model
The We Insure business model is designed to overcome the obstacles that independent agents face with gaining market access and growing back-end support systems to meet business demands. This allows franchise owners to focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities. 

We Insure provides customers with access to top carriers and excellent value, giving franchise partners unlimited growth potential. Since the company’s inception in 2009, it’s been focused on building relationships with more than 150 carriers and perfecting its training and operational support systems. No other independent insurance franchise offers a tier-one commission structure with access to that many carriers and full back-end support on day one.

Support at Every Step
Franchise owners come to us from many industries, including real estate and mortgage firms, as well as captive and independent insurance agencies. We provide all of our franchise owners with comprehensive training at every stage of the process, starting with early consultations about developing an agency. No matter what you know about insurance, you can successfully own a We Insure franchise after completing our extensive training program.

Custom Training Programs for Each Stage of Business

Service Operations
Once you onboard your customer, We Insure’s experienced and qualified service team manages underwriting, processing and support, so you can focus on building customer relationships. The service team is made up of several departments, including a mortgage team, to maximize efficiency and turnaround times. 

SIFI Department
The SIFI (Submit it and Forget It) department processes more than 25,000 emails and underwriting memos each month. This team focuses on nitty gritty details like missing documents and maintaining data integrity. They’re experts on the requirements for the 150 carriers that We Insure partners with. 

Processing Department 
The processing department takes in all incoming requests from clients and carriers throughout the policy term and communicates with agents on critical items. This team is divided into personal line representatives and commercial line representatives. 

Personal line representatives handle incoming calls from insureds and carriers. This team also educates clients calling into the service department on other products to assist agents in growing their book of business. Commercial line representatives take care of commercial lines, insurance business correspondence and certificates of insurance for customers. All of our customer service representatives (CSRs) are licensed and extremely knowledgeable about the carriers we partner with. 

Agent Hotline
The agent hotline is a dedicated phone queue for agents only. Agents receive service from our highly experienced CSRs and can expect a one-business-day response time on questions that require additional research.

Mortgage Team
The mortgage team focuses on processing mortgage change requests.

Retention Team
Using a four-touch system, the retention team monitors the customer life cycle to proactively engage customers when it’s time to update policies. 

Operational Technology Support
Our state-of-the-art systems and technology ensure you’re always connected to your customers and to our home office for the support you or your clients may need. 

Our Bottom Line Is Your Bottom Line
If you want to spend less time and effort opening and operating your agency — so you can better serve customers and grow your business — a We Insure franchise is the way to go because of our turn-key operations, superior technology and marketing resources. When considering a franchise, look for an established business track record and a comprehensive support system with plenty of available franchisee resources. We Insure offers the best of both worlds: the carrier choice of an independent agency, along with the back-end resources and support of an enterprise business. 

We Insure is unmatched in in the insurance industry for our level and quality of agent support starting on day one. We give you the competitive advantage you need to dominate your market. Contact us today about available franchises in your area.

The information contained in this page is provided for general informational purposes only and may not be applicable to all situations. We Insure makes no guarantees of results from the use of this information.