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Deck the Halls – Safely: Avoid These Holiday Decorating Hazards


Whether you’re going for the traditional charm of a quaint New England village or the electric hullabaloo of a Vegas review, decorating for the holidays seems to bring out the creative side in everyone. But no matter how you express your holiday cheer, avoiding these common decorating hazards can help keep the celebration from turning into a yuletide fiasco.


Wiring wonderland. When you’re rigging up lights and plugging in electric decorations, secure your extension cords to prevent tripping accidents. Consider electrical safety too — overloading outlets with light-up reindeer, inflatable yard decorations, or other plug-ins can put you at risk for an electrical fire — which is not the kind you want to cozy up to with a cup of hot cocoa. Let’s leave that for a warm holiday hearth. And speaking of which ...


Keep the home fires burning — safely. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned out before you light it for the season. Use a fireplace screen and let ashes cool, putting them in a metal container with a lid, and place it outside at least 10 feet from your home. It’ll help keep your loved ones safe (and Santa will thank you).


Up on the rooftop. Use proper safety equipment when decorating the roof and avoid standing on unstable surfaces. Inspect ladders and stepstools for stability, follow safety instructions, and have one of your favorite holiday elves with you to assist.


Baby, it’s cold (and slippery) outside. As the days get shorter, make sure there’s adequate lighting outside. And de-ice exterior walkways and stairs — no one wants to see carolers go careening off the front porch.


Candle caution. If using menorahs or Kwanza candles — or just adding decorative candles to enhance holiday ambiance — keep them on a flat, stable surface away from flammable objects. Never let them burn unattended. Power up LED pillars and votives for a safer holiday glow.


Tempting trinkets. Small decorations can be tempting for children to put in their mouths — avoid this potential choking hazard by keeping itsy bitsy baubles away from places where tiny hands can get a hold of them. Dispose of used ribbons and packing material like plastic bags and bubble wrap in areas where curious children — and pets — won’t be tempted to play with them.


Perilous plants. Did you know that holly berries are poisonous to people and pets? Even mistletoe and poinsettias can cause gastrointestinal upset. Keep toxic holiday plants out of reach from children and pets — or use artificial greenery instead.


Safety gear for holiday cheer. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide alert systems is something you can benefit from year-round — not just as a final warning sign that the turkey is overcooking. If the power goes out in a winter storm, never run generators inside. Make sure fire extinguishers are accessible on every floor, and regularly check to ensure the pressure gauge for each is in the operable range or position.


Our Best Wishes for a Safe and Spectacular Season

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or decorate like a Griswold, we hope your holiday décor brings home the joy and beauty of the season. Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, joyous — and safe — holiday from all the agents and staff at We Insure.



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