Deb Franklin on Why Independent Agents and InsurTechs Need to Collaborate

March 29, 2022

Deb Franklin, Co-CEO of PEAK6 InsurTech, has been in the insurance industry long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t. Digital insurance services, or insurtechs, have become more and more popular recently with some analysts even questioning if they will replace the independent insurance agent.


In a recent piece for Insurance Thought Leadership, Deb addresses that assessment and explains that while insurtech companies offer valuable services, nothing can beat the human touch of an independent agent. The loyalty and trust people place in their agents is important and cannot be matched by technology. Instead of working against each other, Deb believes that independent agents and digital insurance services can work together to make a new option that benefits all.


Read her most recent article to see why Deb’s ideas are at the forefront of our industry and why insurtech companies and independent agents work better as partners than adversaries.


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