Choice, Choice, Choice: The Power of WE

May 1, 2020


You’ve heard the old real estate saying about home value and desirability: location, location, location. Well, when it comes to insurance, what consumers in the market for home, auto or business insurance policies want is choice, choice, choice. Consumers seek out a variety of plans so they can customize the policy to their specific needs and have a wider price range to select from. 

As an insurance provider, you want access to a variety of top carriers so that you’ll have better choices for insurance and the ability to provide clients the most suitable coverage for their needs along with the most competitive pricing. When you can lead on product and pricing, you will win new business in the short term and position yourself well for the long-term customer experience race. 

While there are many components to ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, we believe that having access to a broad market of insurance providers, including niche products, is what brings new customers to your agency. Market access means you’ll have a better chance of offering the right product to meet the needs of every potential client and more options to help them save. 

Aside from the customer experience benefits, market access gives our franchise partners a greater ability to specialize and establish niche branding for their agencies. For instance, you may consider specializing in homeowners insurance and partner with mortgage brokers — or perhaps you’ll be the go-to agency for the special needs of brewpubs in your area.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of becoming an agent with a captive insurance company versus going it alone, consider how an independent franchise model offers a winning combination of choice and market access. We Insure breaks the chains that limit captive agents while providing exceptional back-end support, agent-friendly marketing and operations processes. 

Perhaps you’ve already decided that the independent model is your best opportunity for success in the marketplace. If that’s the case, it’s wise to remember that, like any startup, building your own insurance agency from the ground up can take a number of years before you can meet the key business drivers to profitability — one driver being the commission structure. 

As a small agency, it can be nearly impossible to achieve the tier one commission structure of an established national agency, and the greater profitability that comes with it, like the We Insure franchise model offers. This is what makes a We Insure franchise so appealing to insurance pros who’ve determined that the independent agency is the route they want to take. 

The power of WE means more choice and more freedom to create the type of business that’s right for you. Call 855.483.3901 or contact us at to inquire about We Insure franchise opportunities available in your area.

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