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Build Your Book of Business with Email Marketing — Part 2


Last month, we discussed how to maximize your email marketing results, and you can read that article here. This time, we have even more tips to help you prospect and convert leads — and add value for existing clients — with a smart email marketing strategy.


Always Optimize for Mobile

With everything available on the go, it’s no surprise that more than half of emails are viewed on mobile devices. Use this to your advantage by creating a fully responsive mobile version of your newsletter (and website) for a seamless customer experience. If your readers have to pinch and zoom to read your content, then you’re not optimized for mobile. Remember to add compelling images to grab attention and garner greater emotional impact.


Timing is Everything

Think about what’s important to your prospects and customers right now and create content accordingly. Depending on where your clients live, you might offer home winterizing advice in late fall, road trip tips in the summer or information about flood insurance during hurricane season. Don’t sell hard during the holidays when most folks are more focused on shopping and festivities — express your appreciation to your valued customers instead. And be mindful of major news events that could make otherwise-appropriate content feel ill-timed. It’s better to post nothing than something that has an unintended impact. This is why it’s essential to review content that you schedule out well in advance. 


Getting to Know You

Don’t be “all business” when it comes to your customer email communications. Lighten things up once in a while with fun, uplifting content. Give them a behind-the-scenes view of your business. Help people get to know your staff so they feel more at home when they visit your office. And share your community involvement or charitable efforts with your subscribers.


Growing Your List

Sometimes all a potential client needs is a chance to sign up, so make sure you give them plenty of opportunities to do just that. Add a subscription link to your email signature and on all your blog posts — and use your social media channels to promote your newsletter. Have a clear sign-up form on your website and add a QR code to your direct mail that links to your newsletter page.


Email marketing is affordable, scalable and — unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn — you own the platform. Start small, stay smart and gradually grow your audience over time. Be consistent, split test your message, track your results, remain client focused and evolve your strategy with your growing agency. If you do all that, then you can build your book of business and your customer relationships at the same time. 



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