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Agency Recruiting: We’ll Help You Launch With Boots on the Ground


Insurance franchise ownership offers a host of exciting opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs who want to break into the industry. Insurance is widely regarded as a secure, recession-resistant business that allows you to leverage your community and professional connections to provide a steady, reliable income stream. And perhaps best of all is the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss — and the ability to provide a much-needed service while doing meaningful work you can truly call your own.


But what if you have no prior insurance experience — is that a dealbreaker? Perhaps you’re a finance or real estate pro with a strong business background but haven’t logged any time selling insurance products. The prospect of getting a franchise off the ground in an unfamiliar industry may seem daunting. And chief among your concerns may be the need to recruit key staff to run your daily operations, facilitate sales and enable your business to succeed. 


At We Insure, we understand this may be a source of concern and that some prospective owners could see it as a barrier to entry. That’s why we offer a unique staff recruitment service that takes the hiring burden off franchise owners, freeing up their valuable time and resources. We provide a turnkey solution for those who want to break into the industry — even with no prior experience — so they can start selling on day one.


What’s an Agent in Charge?

Having the right personnel in your insurance office can mean the difference between flying high and just getting by. And perhaps the key player among your agency staff — the foundation of your sales and business growth support — is the agent in charge. This is a lead-producing agent who will also play an important role in maintaining your carrier relationships.


We Insure does all the heavy lifting to secure this critical position for your agency. That way, you can concentrate on building relationships with and providing choice and value to customers, as well as marketing, quoting and binding.


Sounds Great, But How Do You Find One?

We Insure begins locating an agent in charge even before your new agency opens its doors for business. Our professional recruiting team starts reviewing resumes and screening candidates in advance, letting you focus on your closing. Once we’ve identified potential candidates, we turn them over to you for a follow-up interview and further evaluation. If you find a good fit, we’ll also help structure a compensation plan and draft an offer letter. And once a candidate accepts the position, we’ll further unburden you by handing your new agent in charge off to our onboarding team for training and orientation.


Common Questions

With We Insure handling the recruitment process, we help make agency ownership frictionless and accessible for everyone. But even knowing all we do to help get your new agency off the ground, you may still have some lingering questions such as:


·         How long does recruiting take? While you’re getting all of your ducks in a row with the financing and closing process, we’re busy lining up candidates and helping to fill the agent in charge role in time for your grand opening. The process takes place concurrently with the lead-up to your agency closing. With the support of We Insure, you’ll have the role filled on day one, knowing you can hit the ground running as soon as you’re officially open. In fact, our recruitment team recently filled 19 roles across 17 different agencies in just 60 days — with an average fill time of only 36 days per position.


·         How involved am I in the process? We Insure agency owners are as involved as they want to be. We work closely with franchisees to select candidates, but we’ll handle the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Ultimately, the hiring choice is always yours alone to make.


·         What if I need help finding other employees? Your agency may need additional staffing assistance, beyond an agent in charge. We can help recruit for producer, administrative and support positions as well, further alleviating the burden of bringing in new staff.


Beyond Recruitment

We Insure understands that an entrepreneur’s time is precious. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into eliminating impediments to agency ownership and making the process as easy and seamless as possible. Until your office opens, our recruiting team essentially serves as an extension of your agency. They handle all of the insurance-related conversations that a new owner — especially one with little or no insurance experience — might struggle through.


We Insure’s professional recruitment program has been well-received. It’s a great service to provide new franchisees,” says Agency Owner Art Lindquist. “My recruiters have been fantastic to work with, and their assistance really helped to expedite the hiring process.”


That hands-on assistance can make all the difference for anyone getting into insurance for the first time. We give you the confidence to break into the industry, and then set you on your way with an experienced agent in charge to help your entrepreneurial journey take flight.


Let our plug and play model work for you. Contact We Insure today for more information about franchise opportunities in your area — and start making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

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