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10 Tips to Rev Up Car Insurance Sales


A well-oiled omnichannel sales and marketing strategy — powered by the right partner — is the fuel you need to build your car insurance book. If you’re ready to hit the gas and shift your auto policy sales into overdrive, We Insure can steer you in the right direction, starting with these ten tips.


1. Nurture leads. It’s often said that closing a sale requires about seven touches. That would mean you need a healthy dose of persistence — and a solid plan — to turn auto insurance prospects into policyholders.


2. Convert with content. Offer value through your content and take your foot off the sales pedal occasionally. Create educational long- and short-form videos, blogs and downloadables to signal to potential customers that you have their best interests at heart and want to help.


3. Leverage community ties. Insurance is a hyper-local business. Maximize opportunities to connect through in-person and virtual networking as well as community event participation. Consider sponsoring a local athletic team or other charitable organization in your city to get the word out where it counts. 


4. Seek B2B opportunities. Establish reciprocal relationships with commercial partners like car dealerships, repair shops, auto detailers and even tire stores. Ask if you can display your business cards or brochures — and return the favor.


5. Go omnichannel. Omnichannel marketing doesn’t mean doing everything under the sun. Put strategies in place specific to your buyer persona demographics (email, social, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing) and optimize your messaging for each platform.


6. Test and track. Remember that what’s important when you cast a wide marketing net is to test your strategies and track your campaign results. And always tack into leveraging the channels that are delivering the most ROI in terms of time and money over time.


7. Add value before you sell. Take a clue from Google’s latest search algorithm change, called the “helpful content update.” The Big G is looking to reward content written by experts that visitors find useful. Create content around auto insurance FAQs and customer pain points if you want to benefit from higher rankings on search engine results pages.


8. Be responsive. When a prospect has a question, or responds to an outbound email or social media post, always act fast. High-intent actions, especially a request for a quote, are exactly what your marketing funnel has been driving toward. So don’t make them wait — strike while the iron is hot.


9. Take a holistic marketing approach. Combine performance marketing and brand awareness campaigns for more impressive results. When you strengthen your brand presence, you don’t have to work nearly as hard to convert your leads. There’s nothing wrong with transactional messaging, but also work on building trust, credibility and brand strength.


10. Assemble an experienced pit crew. If you’re looking to rev up your auto insurance sales, We Insure has the horsepower you need to succeed. We offer broad carrier access and competitive rates, so you’ll have more places to look to find the right combination of coverage and value for customers. You’ll enjoy top-tier commissions starting on day one. And with full back-end, IT and customer support, you can spend more of your time growing your auto insurance book of business.


And if you’re new to the insurance industry altogether, we can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Our recruitment team will help find you a qualified, licensed agent in charge to run your daily operations. And because we handle policy questions, renewals and carrier relationship management — that means no experience is no problem!


We’ll get you onboarded with a digital presence on the We Insure website, social profiles, digital marketing support and a review- and reputation-management system. We Insure is the plug-and-play insurance franchise solution you’ve been waiting for. We bring together the best in choice, value and technology to create an unparalleled insurance experience for our customers and agency owners. And our rapid growth across the U.S. is evidence of our success.


When it comes to fast tracking your auto insurance sales, all roads lead to We Insure. If you’d like to become part of our exciting growth, please visit our website for more information.



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